Will this get me an interview?

Please check out my website, would welcome any feedback, positive or negative on site or content. I am hoping to move into the product design field some time in the near future. The purpose of the site is to allow me to give my web address to prospective clients so they are able to view some of my work and hopefully give me an iterview……Thanks


It´s simple and clean very easy to navigate ,I like it .(but the car isn´t yours).

I agree. I like your interface, it is interesting but not too crazy or cumbersome. I have a few crits:

The car rendering should not be in graphic design. If you had a seperate section for computer modeling/rendering or computer proficencies such as your macromedia flash panel, it may be appropriate.

The macromedia flash panel, though empty, is too informal : sorry no flash files uploaded yet but drop by again soon because you never know. You are telling an employer, who is taking time out of his day to check out your work:

"I don’t really care enough to finish the site but I deserve more of your valuable time. Come back, come often because you could soon be in luck when I finally “get around too it.”

I would get rid of it completely until you finish.

Otherwise, they are good, to the point “samples” and you are obviously talented and proficient.

Good Luck.

The site itself is nice… I like the direction you are going. Maybe too simple. You need substance. consider this site a vehicle to show off your great work… it really falls short of reaching that goal. You can have content in white areas without losing the simplicity… overall it’s a really nice direction.

Hey stu,

It’s a great work in progress! You are definitely talented.

Benny made a valid comment about your poor choice of words. When I first entered your site, my first impression was that I was dealing with a professional – someone who has been working in the industry for a while now and knows what he is doing. It’s funny how a simple sentence could/might ruin your opportunities for a prospective employer to take you seriously, hence the wording: “because you never know”… anyway, please take Benny’s advice and re-word it… also check your grammar in some places.

Other than that, my advice to you is to clean up your cv.pdf.

What aggravates me about some people’s portfolios and email packages is that most often there are fuzzy/hazy images of their concepts and designs. It’s hard to look past the low-quality, dulled-up images, for me at least, especially when the applicant calls themself a web designer or product designer… or any kind of “designer”. Showcase your BEST because it’s competitive out there and you really have to sell yourself. A shopper hardly ever buys the dented, faded and dusty box… they want the brand new, clean and shiny box. Also, please lose the “Cheadle Hulme School” info. I doubt that people would want to see your grades, esp. if they aren’t your greatest.

Well, I look forward to seeing more of your work. If you are really serious about pursuing Industrial Design as a career, then I’d suggest for you to put more ideations and process on your website.

Good luck!

What does the Guiness dipper do?

Maybe you should show that in your portfolio.

I thought your lamp was a femminine hygeine product… maybe re render it so it is “lit up”… make it look a little less ‘tamponlike’… no offence.

I likes ya site tho

Truthfully, you created a nice layout. I like the main interface but feel that there is a lack of color within. Maybe add some slight color to some of the rectangle panels in the back or change the red background color? And it may be personal thing but you have the words “contact” “about” “portfolio” at the bottom in red. The last letter is to close thte the line and distacts me.

But as a whole i like it it is just minor things i would change.

nice job.

you rlayout is very nice- dont add more colour i think what you got is definitely enough
and its simple. i had problems openingup your actual portfolio tho… i cliked ont he last square and only once the two other squares loaded- and i only saw one product in each category…?


I agree the layout is clean, simple and effective. I think adding color would only distract from its “implied” simplicity.

As an industrial designer myself here are my sugestions on your product portfolio.

For print an image of the final shot is great, however Industrial Design portfolios need to show the thought process and development of the product. Use development sketches, in-use/contextual images, as well as the final rendered image to tell the story of how you came to the solution. And them be ready to defend that solution during your interviews. You have good final “Client Presentation boards”, I just want to see more of the thought process that lead you to that solution.


One last thing, I know that in this day and age most people have flash installed. But always provide an html option just to cover the HR manager who is using his/her 5 year old Laptop on a less than 56k modem.

How’d you get the job in Malaysia? How do you like it? I would love to work over there–it’d be so interesting.

I went out there travelling because I have friends over there, and was lucky to get the job. Actually they are quite strict about giving jobs to foreign workers. If you are an industrial designer with experience then there are some opportunities, if you are interested I could give you some contacts, let me know.

i think it’s very easy to use and simple :wink: , yet gives enough information. if anything i’d change the colour orange, i think it’s overdone a little, but even the way it is its fine…