Will these schools fit me?

Hey (I’m new here… you can just call me jon), I’m a senior in high school and will be applying to colleges in a few months. I have been really interested in design for a long time- so I know that industrial design is what I want to do. But, I don’t think that my art skills are anywhere close to where they should be (though I have been taking art center high school classes (and will be taking them (haha parentheses in a parentheses)))… so yeah, here’s my design college list in order of top choice to last… and I just want to know your guys’ general opinions on these schools, how well the graduates do, and maybe other schools I should apply to (though this is quite a long list)…sop anyways:
Carnegie Mellon
University of Cincinnati
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Michigan
Arizona State
san jose state

I would really love to go to Stanford, but I know there is no way I could get in with my 3.5 ish gpa unweighted (6 AP Classes make it 4.0+ weighted) and rather dismal art skills. (But I got a 29 on ACT and will retake it for probably a 30+)
If you guys want I could post some pictures of some of the work from the classes I took (Which will probably be part of my portfolio), and I will also be entering the one hour design contest (about 20 min left on the clock…time to render :neutral_face: )
so yeah…
You guys seem to know the most about design schools from any forums I’ve been to (none could really even name any design schools past UC), so I really appreciate you taking time to answer all my questions.