Will PDF steal all of Core's posters?


base are belong to us…

surely you can come up with a better way to promote traffic to your site…

what is pdf?

Not until they offer a portfolio service, job postings from global design companies, design articles & features, a design-centric blog, and a dense reference section.

Until then the question is, “When will they stop spamming me?”

most of the posters on on[url]http://www.productdesignforums.com[/ur] are more supportive and progressive in their outlook than here. I love coroflot.com forums, but there are a lot of self righteous pompous wannabes and trolls who spend more time condemning each other to feed their ill fed egos than supporting and learning from one another…

Good marketing techniques and it’s nice that it is so easy to set up discussion forums these days. However, Core already has alot of exposure and I failed to see any substantially unique posts yet over at pdf. Perhaps I’m too square though.

just signed up yesterday. admit i was tired of the spam (hope it stops now). and at least people post work. but after posting my intro with a joke and a smiley i got schooled that subtlety dont play many arenas. probably not a good venue for me.

Will PDF steal all of Core’s posters?

Core was here first. Hard to get people to switch.
Core, although focussed on product design, includes all areas of design.

Well Core seems to be noticing the PDF forums layout and reacting by copying and adding new areas and a secondary layer of forums.

Anyone else see the resemblence? http://www.productdesignforums.com/

That tells me that Core at least sees that forum as a threat/competition to it’s visitors enough to redo it’s forum section.

But PDF has registration and Core is still open. Portions of this forum will be dead. People who want to show work will go there.

Hi all, i’m one of the admins over at pdf, and we’re not in it for the competition. We’re there purely as a designers community. I saw the Core boards changed their forum layout to reflect ours, and frankly I don’t really care. Why should there be just 1 forum?

Also about the supposed ‘spamming’. It’s true that we’ve invited people to our site, but if people got more than just the one invitation (which I don’t think happened), then that’s a mistake on our part and we appologize for that.



It’s nice to not have random posts by unregistered users.

But indeed. There is nothing wrong with healthy competition. :smiley:


guys just go check it out - http://www.productdesignforums.com/ as a design student it’s so freaking great everyone posts work - and gives honest feedback

there are sketch sessions
tutorials in solidworks, photoshop, quick rendering and sketching techs

and it’s soley focused on industrial design - the people who run it are some very talented guys who know alot and are more than willing to share there ideas and work with us



hey forgot to sign in before i posted - just to show i am a member

both sites have so much to offer


you’re like a junior high school grad who got beat up on the first day of high school, crying about how you dont get the respect you did in junior core school with 800k posts under your belt.

must admit that the tutorials part is really nice

all your base are belong to us…


Ive been there and don’t really care for it. I probably spend the large majority of my non-core77 time over at www.evermotion.org or www.cgtalk.com.

Of course I do way more 3D modelling and rendering than anything else. I haven’t had to seriously sketch anything in ages.

just the fact they they need to post this topic on core77 and not on their own site seems to kind of answer the question.

It’s a good site, but to say that core copied it seems a bit unlikely…unless the Stu and Alen had a time machine and traveled forward in time only to steal ideas for ID related sites. Should have brought back the sporting allmanac instead guys.