Will.i.am -- intersting

I know that Will.i.am has been the topic of a number of posts but I couldn’t find them. I came across this article in ADWEEK about the brands and products that he claims he created but don’t seem to exist.

*Awaits Will.i.am to create and maintain a successful brand that isn’t Will.i.am.

I am unsure I would be trusting of “I take unlikely things, mismatched things, and pattern-match…. I want to be a mediator who helps awesome things come together”, in context with this car that he had custom built…

They are unlikely things.
It is mismatched.
He was the mediator.
I don’t particularly think that it is awesome.

Has that great look of a car designed on a Mac in Adobe Illustrator.

Jalopnik reports that this was based on a 1958 VW and took 4 years to complete. It does look like an Illustrator rendering though…weird.

What a waste of a '58 VW. I was actually thinking it looked more like a slammed Citreon 2cv

I’d be more upset if it was a '57 or worse a '55 split window. Beautiful cars. I think he should have use a '77.

or worse a '55 split window.

Well, you’ll hate my guts then, I took a '49 and “Meyers Manxed” it. Of course there was little left of it but the pan, so don’t hate me too much. I had one of the semifore arms lying around in the garage for years.

I’m lowering my flag to half mast.