Will Art Center set up a "branch in Asia"?

I think Art Centre will be an addition to what the government here is planning to do if it sets up here – a global city of opportunities. Its going to be a hard task, but I think it depends on how much the government wants to invest int he creative arts. If 2 casinos can come true on a state that has been so strict on it, and growing museums and arts activities in such a short time, then there is this likely possibility changes be made.

Thailand is a very credible place too. Singapore, on the other hand, will have to fight it through to clear the image of being too strict for creativity to grow. I’ve seen many designers have moved there to grow their careers.

Usually Asian students pick well named schools for the tradition and reputation; provided they have the money to finance it. I am beginning to think that most Asian students and parents are thinking how much they will get out of their education investment in dollar terms. It seems to be happening here. In the 80s and 90s plenty of bright Asian students go abroad. Today, I find a good percentage of them prefer to stay local, prefering to only go overseas as an exchange student. They seem to see something coming for this change of mind. With foreign expats and schools set up here, there are a good mix of different thinking which is good for broadening minds. I am looking forward to a more energetic and diversified place here myself. :slight_smile: