Wife has been transfered to St Louis...

Wife is in Medschool and has been sent to St Louis for residency. Is there any hope for finding ID work there? I am not leaving a possition only some freelace gigs that I should still have the ability to service via an internet portal I am working on setting up through my webhost.

What companies are there? I did a search and found a few anyone have insight into them?

Design Lines Studios
I-Design LLC
id8 Design Solutions
M deSign Inc.
Objex Design
Solutions in 3D
The Mash Group

AuVi (mp3 players and digital devices, ST Louis Buisness Journal)
Premier Design (interesting bi-plane fan shown in the DP)
TRG (happened to see the name on the tag of my new timberland luggage)

Emerson Electric
Rug Doctor (engineering facility)
Any others?

I don’t know anything about those that you listed, but these guys do a lot of great work…

Check out Metaphase: www.metaphase.com

From what I have heard Metaphase is definitely the top of the heap as far as consultancies go in the St. Louis area.

Don’t forget the king of beers is from St. Louis as well!

Oooohhh!!! Hardee’s…maybe you could help design their next 1200+ calorie burger! Just kidding…good luck with the relocation!

Check out www.metaphase.com…I work there and we may have some openings in near future.

Welcome to Nellyville! St. Louis is the place to be for Medschool. Where are you locating from?