Widescreen tablet really an issue?

Hey, I was wondering if having a widescreen formatted tablet really makes a difference for sketching on a widescreen display (MBPro, etc). It makes a big difference in terms of price and physical size… my friend says that his 6x8 intuos works fine on his mbpro, but i wanted to ask you guys

For some stupid reason NONE of the Wacom’s are properly formatted for the standard 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio.

If you have a 6x8 tablet on a widescreen display you will need to cut a good chunk of the top and bottom to get the correct aspect ratio (think of what it’s like when watching TV on a widescreen that hasn’t been formatted for it with those black bars on the sides).

If you have a 6x11 it’s much better, but it’s still not exactly correct so you lose like 1/2"

It all WORKS fine - but try drawing a circle if you don’t have it set up correctly. You’ll quickly see your circle is now an ellipse! If you’re just putting down lines or coloring things in it’s probably fine without the correction.


this guy is widescreen, as is the 20" cintiq…

he meant that even though it’s widescreen, it’s not exactly the aspect ratio of widescreen displays.

Well then, would you recommend a 6x11 for a macbook pro then? 1440x900 display

Yeah - I’d recommend it for any widescreen display - you just get more drawing area.


I wanted to get thoughts on this. I have an old Graphire I want to upgrade to an Intuos3. I’m running an old Mac 12" PowerBook G4 (unlikely to upgrade anytime soon), as well as a widescreen PC notebook. I’m actually fairly satisfied with the Graphire on the Mac, but the aspect ration is awful trying to work on the PC. I don’t use graphics programs usually on the PC, but I would like to maximize its use if I can.

If a widescreen will work on a non-widescreen Mac notebook, I’m more likely go with that, but if it would work poorly with it, I would just suck it up and not use a tablet with the PC and go with the 6X8 Intuos3.