Widebody Design

Taken from the what are you doing now thread:

So, how does one go about actually building this kit? Does BMW release production drawings for you to get the surfaces correct? That seems far fetched…

Or does some one use existing parts and build them up and then cast them?

Very curious about this now.

In this case, the client bought a new M3, the project is being managed by a friend who is an engineer, fabricator, hot rod builder. We’ve worked together on other automotive projects that I can’t show yet. The donor car is 3d scanned. Once the design is approved, the modifications are done to the scanned data, then the parts are detailed out. Bucks of the new panels are CNC’d, smoothed out, molds made, carbon fiber laid, and the new panels put on the car. This doesn’t include any performance mods. It’s a little expensive to do it right.

Pretty fun projects though.

oooooor you can use foam and clay.

Seriously? Now that is a process I would love to witness.

Is this in production? Where can you by it, I would love to see the whole thing.

I was at the RCA a few years ago (not studying!) and as I arrived the technicians in the workshops had just received a ‘handheld’ 3d scanner. Amazing, looked like something out of an Alien Vs Predator Movie.

i know someone local to me who builds custom body parts like that. usually he buys a rolling shell and starts bulding up the parts with bondo. from there he makes fiberglass molds pulled from the car. it’s very interesting. he was working on a fantastic body design for an nsx the time i saw him. i think it was supposed to be in SEMA this year.

It’s just in concept stage right now. The image above is little more than a fancy sketch.

Speaking of hand held 3-D scanners, you have to watch this video. A case study in being both OCD and having anal retentive behavior:

15 minute video of MythBuster’s co-host Adam Savage presenting a glimpse into the mind of the obsessed and the motivation that drives their obsessions.


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Are you keeping those kawaii fangs? :stuck_out_tongue:

You always have to design a detail for the client to take out. It makes them feel good… This is just an early discarded concept, if it moves forward, the final will probably look nothing like this.

Here you can see a screen cap of what would be the next stage. Different donor car. In the case of this tease image, it was at one point a Porsche.

You can certainly do it old school, foam, clay, bondo, but these guys build all the guts in 3d, so it just makes sense. You might want to tweak the engine mounts a bit or fabricate custom bumper assemblies so we can change the proportions completely. Easy to mock up in 3d and see how it changes the lines… the old way works to. This way is pretty fun and we all live in different states so kind of hard to check the continuity of a section any other way.

are you keeping the stock suspension mounting points or will they be custom? it would take a wide wheel with negative offset to fill those fenders i would think.

If you want to fair out finders Yo described the best and most expensive way to do it. You can also split the finders and tack in material use body filler to smooth it all out and paint it up. The real ‘art’ is to make it symmetrical.

the racing strip is not centered. (not trying to be a punk Micheal).

there are also a few shops that will flair and stretch the existing metal or tack on strips and blench them in. if it’s done right, it’s spectacular.

It is, I’m surprised no one pointed it out sooner, it was just a quick “look see” that I never tightened up. I should fix it though.

Offset to the left if its one stripe and down the center if it’s two stripes. Maybe it is tradition but I would think that if it were flat black (or flat blue) in the case of the BMW so to deflect specular highlight off the hood to minimize glare much like football wide receivers who use ‘eye black’ tape under the eye for deflecting glare.