Why? wHy? whY?

Why do people think CCS is famous only for trans ??

I think its product design department is really good as well.

But, some people say that it is hard to get hired after graduating from CCS’s product design.

hmm… what do you guys think?

oh, one more question, do the companies see one’s portfolio when hiring?

  1. it is in detroit, which was the center of the american automobile industry
  2. the school is heavily involved with the car companies, through funding, sponsored projects, instructors, internships, etc.
  3. regardless of how officially true this is, having known a few ccs grads, the students who end up in the product track are the ones who aren’t accepted into the transportation track. I don’t think many ID students go to CCS without the intention of designing cars. Again, that just seems to be the way it is as there are plenty of other great ID programs that don’t cater to trans design (which has it’s own quirks, terms, theories, etc.)

with that said, I’ve heard the CCS fine arts programs are quite good, and the product program is good too

Because CCS is famous for Transportation.

I don’t think Ive ever heard anyone discredit their product side, but if you asked any designer “Where should I go if I want to design cars” they’ll probably say “Art Center or CCS”.

At the end of the day people care more about how your portfolio looks than where you’ve come from.

I’ve been to the CCS campus many times, the whole thing is fantastic. But it is known for trans, but I’d assume that the reg ID kids are kick ass too.