Why to buy design?

A friend of mine and I have been discussing why a company should hire a freelancer versus an established consultancy. Other than cost, what are the advantages and disadvantages to hiring a freelancer or consultant?

Hire them to do WHAT?

Just like a client, to leave the description of work vague and ambiguous. :slight_smile:

I kid, I kid!

Thanks box. To add to my questions: what type of jobs would a client hire a freelancer for over a consultancy?

I was asking for you to narrow your question and you made it broader and added a layer of questions.

If you were hiring anyone, I would want to be hired on an hourly basis…

I’d say…

Freelancer: depth of experience
One specific subtask, one individual to manage. Good for tactical needs. Requires more management.

Consultancy: breadth of experience
Entire programs requiring many disciplines and individuals. Consultants employ a range of specialists which can add value from time to time on the project. Good for strategic needs. Requires less management.