why so much Bird flu fuss?

I wonder all why all this talk and fuss about bird flu when it has infact killed only a handful of people. Moreover it seems to be confined to certain countries only and most places seem safe from it. Any ideas?

Lets see:

  1. It has spread to multiple continents.
  2. There is no cure.
  3. If it mutates, history has shown that vuruses like it could wipe out a major part of the human race.

although not really a design question - this post reminds me of a report I heard about how the CDC is trying to predict the outbreak pattern by using the international flows of cash (human migration is not monitored nearly as well).
Something about money-as-virus is fascinating…

You might be thinking of the one I wrote about a few weeks back: Game Forecasts Epidemics | reBang

I don’t think there’s any fuss about the bird flu. Its really looking to be a serious issue. And it isn’t confined only to Asian countries but spreading to other nations as well like Turkey. I found this site http://www.drugdelivery.ca/bird-flu.aspx containing wealth of bird flu info. You may see it too.