Why r we like this!..something to reflect on

Why do most designers have so much attitude !!??

yes we have our talent to be proud of…and a competition to survive in…
But where is all this snobby attitude coming from!? Most often I feel it comes from insecure designers who are threatened by fresh new talent…but they fail to see that they have moved on from that stage and are now at a different point in their career!

This is a general observation…and does not apply to all. :bulb:

… or is it the young guns fresh out of school who think they know it all who have the attitudes? :wink:

In my personal experience, I had much more of an attitude right out of school (hard to believe I know…) it was only after being out for a little while and working at a place where there where experienced designers who where way better than me that I learned to stop, colaborate and listen! … for a little while.

I would say it’s a tough business, tougher than most others, with a lot of dissollusioned people (myself on the list much of the time) trying to make it, putting up with unemployment, crap jobs starting out, or crap jobs after getting established - I imagine if there’s a site for actors it probably has the same vibe - the acting racket can’t be much worse.

The psychic isolation found in urban settings, combined with self-as-product based narcissism, making it very difficult to relate to others on a human level except in pre-ordained adfirm brief constructs.

Honestly, I haven’t met one designer yet that didn’t have some sort of an attitude problem. Whenever I think of ID, I think of the typical college fraternity mentality.

Cool dudes…Totally…

Perhaps the result of a completely subjective skill set combined with a judgemental temperment. Not smart enough to be engineers, not free enough to be artists. :wink:

in fashion design i actually find it’s the designers that are “failing” that have attitude problems because they seem to think that their fashion forecasts are not understood and therefore everyone else is stupid and ignorant.

my ex boss was becoming a failing designer still with his extraordinary skills but most seasons he missed the target’s needs and then when the shoes weren’t selling he was mad cos the public has no taste!

Perhaps there is a sense of being undervalued in the perspective of designers and, as a reaction, maintain an elitist attitude in an attempt to appear more valuable, or somehow, better (defense mechanism). Or it could be that designers really don’t get any credit and aren’t valued or appreciated and have an attitude because they’re getting a raw deal. Perhaps, we think we’re more valuable, more artistic, have better skills, know more, and can solve problems better than other people perceive that we can - which equals an attitude problem if the designer attempts to proliferate and project their views onto others.

OR maybe… the designers that standout and are memorable have an attitude because people like characters. A “designer” who is a character (has a strong attitude, “odd” fashion sense, strange behavior) is likely to be perceived in a certain way that has the potential to give them more exposure. Just a theory, but I’d call it the Paris Hilton Effect.

To make some sweeping generalizations.

You guys don’t know what you’re talking about, Just Clueless

Attitude, not me, I can’t help it if I’m better than you.

Heard this one before. Still holds true for some. Designers actually need to cultivate a unique self image (think Karim), maybe even have strange names and mannerisms, or else no one ever remembers them or what they do. Fashion designers use self advertising for all it’s worth, all the more power to them. Nothing wrong with some attitude and personal style if it helps your career. And f##k the engineers and the other squares who think they own solving product problems - they suck at it big time.