Why People Takes Pictures for?

Hey there
Im making a quick research and id like to know what do you have to say about this specific questions:

When attending public events such as football matches, concerts, etc,
Why does people take pictures?
What motivates people to do this? What´s behind the act of taking a picture in this events?
What´s the specific need of taking a pic?
What´s the motivation (s)?

Might sound fool, but id like to hear your impressions, points of view and commentaries. (need a little light here)

Thanx in advance

I’m sure you know the generic answers, so I will tell you my reasons. I do amature photography so I seldom take photos that focus on people like how most others do. I take it because I feel like to, because I spot a good and meaningful composition, or an idea suddenly strikes me. It doesn’t really matter where I am. As long as I have my camera with me, I am on it.

When I take some of those photos, my friends who are with me at that time probably won’t know what I was doing. It’s useless trying to explain to them, but when I show them the photographs, they realized something they didn’t earlier.

Photos also give me surprises, showing me things that I didn’t even see in the view finder. So there is a big element of unpredictability and excitement in it.

…i got hooked on photography at uni…my photo prof was excellent and helped me get some of my student work published…my wife managed a photo store for several years after graduation, so taking pix have always been a big part of our life…for us it has always been more about art than personal records…now that our bathroom doesn’t double as a dark room anymore, it is alot easier…less mess and a different craft.