Why not recycle paper towels?????

This is a question that has been bothering me lately. I know it there are much more important things to worry about, but it just makes no sense to me. When you walk into any public restroom somewhere in proximity to the sink is a garbage can. This garbage can be use for any kind of waste but when you look in it it is normally just filled with paper towels.

This brings me to my initial question why aren’t these paper towels recycled? They are made of perfectly good recyclable paper. Maybe they are made from already recycled paper and the fiber has been worn out and can no longer produce paper.

Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on the answer to this question or if there is any other products out there that should be recycled but aren’t.

Hm. Well, I personally hate it when bathrooms don’t have paper towels and are still equipped with knob faucets and doors that you need to twist to open. Why? Because I’m a germ freak.
But when I was thinking about your question, Las Vegas casinos came into mind and I’m sure that they recycle their paper towels or moved to hand dryers instead. And yeah, those paper towels may have been recycled beforehand as well.

This may only apply to home use, but probably because they have food residue on them?


I have to agree with you when it comes to the door and the faucet. The really annoying part is when they have a no touch sink and paper town dispenser and then you have to turn a knob to open the door. That defeated the whole purpose.

Back to the initial question though…The reason why I ask this question is I just recently visited one of our plants in the Netherlands. While I was there I ate lunch in the company’s cafeteria. When I was done and I went to take my tray to the dish washing station there were numerous bins for me to sort out what was on my plate. These bins were labeled, Wood, Paper, Table Scraps, Metal, Plates, Cutlery, and a couple others that I can’t remember. After sorting out my “Garbage” on my plate there was very little that actually went into the trash can.

This amazing to me that pretty much every thing that was on my plate was recycled (including my napkin) or was washed and reused after my mea. The other thing that I found really great was they didn’t have to hire anyone to sort it for them. This was just the mentality of the Dutch that if it can be recycled than it should be.

So I guess this broadens the question to why do we feel that things like paper towels should go in a landfill instead of being recycled. If you look at the model of that Dutch cafeteria this should not be the case with paper towels, wooden skewers, office paper, plastic toys, etc…

Food residue can be removed in the process. This also includes other foriegn objects.

Rawr:oh for pitty sake, our specis used to eat decaying meat, grow a pair. Kids that grow up on farms, around animals have far fewer allergies and are less infection prone…why, because their bodies are used to handling them. Yes there are some very nasty bugs out there, so stay away from hospitals and hospisis.

Yeah, I used to be slightly germ obsessed, but between living on a farm for ten years, being a janitor and then a firefighter, I could care less. I figure if I can catch it, I would have caught it by now.

I was thinking why not recycle the paper towels lately also, at my last job, we would have a full trashcan full every day, you probably wouldn’t even have needed to worry about asking people to sort because that just all there ever was in that particular barrel. Lately, I have been trying to use only 2 instead of 3, it helps if you use some of the left over moisture to restyle the hair lol.

that’s what pants are for…

hey. if it wasn’t for misguided germ-o-phobes and over-prescription of antibiotics creating things like drug resistant forms of staph, where would all that money for pharma research go?

but its cool, our health care system is very affordable and efficient.

zip, you might have the solution to overpopulation right there in the form of hand sanitizer…the SUPERBUG that kills off all those weak immune systems.