why IDSA.org and Not Coroflot ?

I noticed a job add for a product designer II at ZIBA San Diego on IDSA.org and not on Coroflot, do they not value coroflot or what?

Maybe they just dont want a million new grads applying and would rather have peopple already in the industry apply. That’s just a hypothesis though.

Some job posting are exclusives because they only want candidates who are referred from a “trusted” group. In other cases the company just doesn’t want to pay for an ad because they are like the people I currently work for “cheap rat bastards”.

Also the HR person at ZIBA might not even know coroflot exists. Most of the senior designers where I work have probably never even heard of ZIBA let alone core77, coroflot, or anything else remotely interesting.

Hey! Do you work with me? :wink:

I’m sure someone as ZIBA has an IDSA membership. They may get to post for free.