Why I hate Blade Runner

Thanks for recommending that. Its a great book I guess I’m a Philip Dick fan now

The problem is a conservative Mayor that has to approve absolutely everything. One time a city mayor asked the architecture firm if the trees could be larger… as if they don’t plant them small and they get larger over 10 years. The problem is the Mayors of each major City.

In Chicago at least the mayor is smart enough to hire an architect to sit on an appointed spot on staff to help growth… the problem is he is too conservative as well. We have to look for Japan and China and shake things up some then loosen up some. Who knows it could spur the economy so we could have robotic eyes for sale on the street w/o a permit.

3001 space Odyssey is a good book also by Clark … linguistics of learning English in the year 3001 if your found floating in space for 1000 years and brought back to life. The revived astronaut could not understand a thing on the future television.

If anyone is interested, I’m reading 1984 now. This is much better. I keep staring at the LCD TV on my wall wondering if I should go in another room. “Big brother is watching”.

If you have a cable box or tivo then he is

Incidentally, Phillip K Dick loved the movie adaptation, he passed away before it released in theaters, but saw an early cut. There is a great (very weird) book of interviews right up to his death.

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep is the tip of the ice burg… he’s got tons of good stuff. Have fun!

Texting always stuck me as our own, self imposed Nuspeak. 1984 is great, but essentially a rip of an underground Russian book called “We” written right after the Russian revolution by Yevgeny Zamyatin, a communist writer who saw where it was all going once the Communist revolution turned into the Communist government.

I like books.

I feel like the present is so much better! I mean personally (And i know next to all these spectacular authors this is insulting) But i remember watching the inspector gadget cartoons as a kid and seeing computers the size of books and thinking No way! now im surfing Core77 on my phone!(not an iphone) Or how about MP3s think about picking a cd of one artist u wanted to listen to for the day… now think about browsing your ipod lol Its so wild! I love the use of billows in blade runner though cause when was the last time you saw a functioning billow on a product?

If anyone is into Philip K Dick - I would also recommend checking out Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson. It also presents a pretty interesting view of a future North America (although I don’t think a date is actually given)

In the case of Snowcrash - brands have overtaken nations in terms of power and the US has been divided into government franchises.

Its a good read.

I’ll put it on my list, thanks!

Add to that “The Space Merchants” by Frederick Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth.
Its a classic from the 50’s that very humorously predicts our present realities. Some of the ideas show non-lethal weapons, behavior manipulation through commercially accepted addictive drugs, and generally marketing run amock in a world owned by corporate superpowers.
A fun read.