I am joining Domus Academy in January 2006 for newly designed i-design program. The program will be conducted by DA+IDII (Domus Academy+Interation Design Institute, Ivrea).
Any one who knows more about the Domus Academy? and i-design program?
How well i-design is being recognised by the industry in comparision to RCA interaction design/ Interation Design institute, Ivrea, CMU etc…

any one joining DA+IDII in 2006??

i am. I am a bit skeptical and have little to no expectations about the program. just wanna go and have time to do my own thing. shoot me an email if you want to talk. bubble_bling@yahoo.com

Hey Rit,

I’m an architect heading to Domus Academy for the Int. design
program. Am kinda based in Delhi myself. Just wanted to compare notes.

I’ve heard nothing but good stuff…abt the place. Dunno abt the
I-design program tho. Ex and current students have been praising it front right and center.
Btw have u found acco ? How u managing that?
Take care. Catch’ya there


why not

i’m heading to milano in december, also bound for the iDesign course at DA.

same as jtc, i have little or no expectation, somehow. i know a lot of people at ivrea and i’ve heard mixed stories about the merge. i’m just going to go there as a blank slate and see what happens. in any case it is a welcome change to my current environment :slight_smile: working for fun, not for profit :slight_smile:

is this a 1-year program? how much are you guys paying?

before i think at ivrea they paid 25K euros, but this includes evrything (accommodation, traveling, etc…)

goodluck! hopefully it will be as good as ivrea (unfortunately i’m not sure if you guys can be good at electronics and physical computing given the short period of time)…but who knows?


PS: i’m also looking into this program

umm, i didn’t intend to specialise in electronics + physical computing whilst i study at DA. from the course brochures + info i have received from DA, it doesn’t seem like a vocational course where we would learn programming (?).

i’m looking at tangible interactions and people-research/personas end of interaction design.

what? they won’t teach you programming? how can you prototype interfaces then?

anyway, what are the topics that will be taught based on the brochure?

well, don’t take my word for it, but even if there is programming classes involved, it won’t go beyond the basic, and you’d have to learn a lot of things yourself first-hand on projects anyway. i thought that by the time you get to a master’s degree level, you’d have a knowledge of how you want to prototype or communicate your ideas.

in my working experience, i work closely with an engineering team that does all the backend, and as a designer, i know enough to communicate my ideas through as production specifications (whether it’s documents + flowchart + prototype) that the engineers can work with.

maybe i perceived mike’s question the wrong way, but for me to be “good at electronics and physical computing” seems like i’ll be taking on the role of interaction designer + engineer at the same time (?).

oh, and some of the themes are: interactive media, service design, media entertainment, digital communication, user experience, entrepreneurship. explorations: technology, creativity and case history. research themes: people relations, active tools, media spaces, digital languages, service experiences.

wilco + mikey, what’s your background? i’m just curious.

thanks yasmina!
i’m an industrial designer. looking more into interaction stuff lately.

hope you can share some of your experience when you get there.

i’ve heard some good things about itp program at nyu too, but maybe this domus/ivrea thing will be good (bcoz nyu’s itp program is quite expensive and runs for 2 years).

How is design MA programme in Domus Academy?
I mean…do they offer any pratical toturials or just simply theoritical…
It’s better for me cambine the idea with the projects as well~
Do they teach how to prototype products by hand or create it by using softwave?
C’ause I’m not keen on “philosophy course” at all.
I have read some introductions from DA’s prospectus,
and it shows the exact course time which runs on 9am-13am,16pm-17pm from Mon to Fri…
I was wondered about this schedule…how do they manage it?

Are there alumni from Domus Academy…?
How do you guys feel about this programme?
Do you really sure what to do after graduating?
I would be grateful if you could give me some advice for that.

Many thanks

which MA programme are you referring to? i thought for the iDesign course, a large part of the course involved workshops, which i can imagine will run all day. were you worried about the amount of hours or what? i thought on average, the workload would probably amount to 40 hour weeks anyway (going by what Design Academy Eindhoven and TU Eindhoven has), so the time that you mention above sounds reasonable.

i’m due to start the iDesign MA this coming january, and i really don’t have any big expectations; just going and seeing what it throws at me, i guess, and absorb like a sponge :slight_smile:

i think most MA course in design requires you to have some practical experiences, so it won’t just be “thinking” or design philosophy; you’ll probably have to deliver some kind of tangible product/prototype at the end of it. i can imagine that an MA is more thinking and less vocational than a BA, though.

Hi, yasmina

I’m talking about the Industrial design course.
(They just call it “MA Design” in DA)
I just wonder the timetable they set, what kind of course does it include exactly?
Actually I’m doing the Ma course in London as well.
It’s a little bit frustrating due to the whole theory course I’m having now.
So I’m thinking of leaving this course and apply to DA in 2006…
Maybe I would fly to Italy next month to make sure is this what I want.
I try not to be despressed tho…

It’s good for you to not having any expectation…I wish could be like that…

May I ask which background you come from?
Are you an interior designer?
Just curious Cause I-design course sounds like the environment design particular concerns.

hi yasmina,
please give me some tips about your experiences in various interaction design endeavors…among the schools you’ve been to, or taught - which one would you recommend?


Hey, I’m really happy to read these posts on the I-Design program at DA. I’ve been looking at a lot of posts on the web, and have emailed alums from the Ivrea program. I already have a MS degree in information, so I don’t really need the degree. I’ve heard from some people that were really happy, and some that didn’t enjoy their experiences. I think having too many expectations just will set a person up for a let down. I really want to go, but am looking for funds. I’ll make it and see you guys in Milan! :slight_smile:

I am sure if you are looking for i-design DA, you can find scholarship which can cover your entire tution fees. But you will have to support your stay/travel/food etc.

Hey ANIL, its wonderful that you are also going for DOMUS ACADEMY.
let me know about your plan/ what about your accomodation?
you can get in touch with me at rit4you at gmail dot com

I am going for i-design (DA+IDI) 2006

hey domus heh…
i applied for domus too … just sent in my application for business design … the course seems quite relavent as far as the contents of a management crs should be … i like the domus way of teaching … its a little hyped which is good coz people know ur school…

though i havent got selected yet … i dont think my applications have reached em yet …last date being 1st of july …but am just collecting info as to be sure if i have reely missed out on something lol …
… living etc in italy is crazy expencive
… is domus reely worth it …and the course business design … havent heard of anyone one or every one placed well after domus…

has anyone else applied …for the course business design in domus

im applying for this upcoming january 2007, for the MA in design… mad excited. so far- ive had 2 tries at it- 1x pratt (which accepted me) and 1x UMEA (which broke my heart)… soooo now waititng out for milano… can’t wait but it would be wikked to hear back from some current studnets and / or grads to really find out what it’s like…

im applying for this upcoming january 2007, for the MA in design… mad excited. so far- ive had 2 tries at it- 1x pratt (which accepted me) and 1x UMEA (which broke my heart)… soooo now waititng out for milano… can’t wait but it would be wikked to hear back from some current studnets and / or grads to really find out what it’s like…