Why does Core77 not want to talk about the benefit of weed?

I once raised the issue of legalizing marijuana as a tradable commodity. Marijuana was made illegal because it posed a threat to industries like timber/paper (hemp/marijuana can be harvested in 3 months versus years for trees to make paper), petrochemicals (a majority of our plastics are made from oil), and oil (which we have to first find, then extract, transport to a refinery, refined, and distributed). Had marijuana become legal, we would have a sustainable resource that would reduce our dependent on foreign oil. That thread, which had numerous references, has since been deleted.

Someone else here wanted to discuss it and it’s locked from further discussion. Why? And so what if people smoke weed? The crisis of the global economy was caused by people who abused money…not drugs. Yet people will instantly look down on someone that enjoys marijuana. He may have his opinions but certainly just because you don’t agree with him means he is wrong. It could be argued that people who don’t smoke weed use the law against someone who was better at something as a result of their marijuana use.

As an Industrial Designer, I can see the great potential of hemp and marijuana as an economic and renewable resource to boost our economy. From a design research perspective, zero people have overdosed on marijuana as a drug in at least 400 years, this is a fact. 100,000 people GLOBALLY will die from an alcohol overdose. As a parent, I would prefer that my kids didn’t do anything to harm their bodies but at the very least, not to participate in a recreational activity, in excess, that will kill them.

a normally healthy 70-kilogram (154-pound) adult can achieve a relaxed affability from approximately 33 grams of ethyl alcohol. This effective dose can come from two 12-ounce beers, two 5-ounce glasses of wine or two 1.5-ounce shots of 80-proof vodka. The median lethal dose for such an adult is approximately 330 grams, the quantity contained in about 20 shots of vodka. A person who consumes that much (10 times the median effective dose), taken within a few minutes on an empty stomach, risks a lethal reaction. And plenty of people have died this way.


“Accidental alcohol poisoning was coded as a contributing factor in 3,229 deaths during 1996 through 1998.”


There are pros and cons to marijuana without a doubt. But it seems here our peers only look down on it because it is illegal. Driving 1mph over the speed limit is also illegal and a car, at any speed, can do more damage than any joint can.

The real question is why Core77 continues to squelch any understanding on the matter? Do you not care about saving lives? Do you not care about being independent on foreign oil? Do you not care that cancer patients should be free to choose a medication that can help them when other drugs have not? Do you not care that American soil is what made America great?

If your only reservation against marijuana is that is illegal then I consider that a weak argument. There was a time when it was a crime for a black person to even read or even sit at the front of the bus. Times are changing and Core77 doesn’t seem to want to fully grasp the issue of marijuana.

I’m of the belief that anything in excess is not good unless its love. And there is none here for marijuana and the potential it has regardless of your belief in the stoner stereotype.

I can’t speak for any moderators because I’m not one. But perhaps it’s closed off due to the fact that the conversation wasn’t really going anywhere, and it was simply resorting to name calling, etc. Of which I’m certainly guilty with my second post. I feel that the original poster was simply trying to get a rise out of people by making the claim that, in essence, pot makes you more creative and will make you succeed. I’m also not going to rag on any moderator decision because ultimately it’s “their site” because they spend the time to do all this work for free, on their own time.

I personally believe there is no harm in occasional use of the stuff. It could certainly be legalized and made into a commodity for large financial gain in terms of government involvement. I also don’t agree that it’s a “gateway drug” like some experts claim. I drink alcohol on a fairly regular basis, and the last time I checked alcohol was considered a drug. It just happens to be legal. But, and this is a big but, I certainly don’t grab a bottle of Jack and tear into my sketchbook and expect to get something done. I also certainly don’t expect alcohol to make me more creative and “more driven”. I don’t expect to get ahead in life by drinking. Substitute pot for alcohol in the previous sentences and it’s the same argument. The original poster was making claims that were fairly unsubstantiated, and had nothing to do with legalizing pot, or the pros/cons of smoking pot.

I locked the last discussion because it was was turning into a cyclical argument.

I’m locking this one because your last post on the subject was a multipage one man conversation… which is a blog. Start a blog about it if you want.

Obviously the substance in question is legal in many countries… so is wheat. And if someone starts an 8 pager about wheat that would probably get locked.