Why do you design?

Seeing as no topics have come up the last few days, I decided I would post a topic that got alot of traffic on another design message board. That topic is: why do you design?

Feel free to either say why you got into design, or take a philosophical slant.

Originally it was because there were things I wanted that simply didn’t exist. Stuff that couldn’t be bought anywhere, was poorly made or missing important customizations I really wanted. Also, I’m angry at how much junk gets created without any real thought to the human beings who consume and use it.

Art didn’t enter into it until much later when I realized that goods can be created just for the sake of… well… just for the hell of it!

Plus, “Designer” is such a broad term - it encompasses so many things that I’m never bored. I’m also rarely paid, but that’s another topic.


As simple and capricious as this sounds, i got into design as a stupid kid who liked to draw. The betterment of the world came during my post adolescent Marxist idealism phase.


I design for pleasure.I feel drawn towards textures and colors and look for new ways to utilize materials. As I live my everyday life, I see possibilities and new opportunities to create something better, may be functional or simply "friendlier " looking. I re-use objects and create new ones, make lamps and furniture out of anything and paint when there is more time I consider design an incredibly wonderfull lifestyle! :smiley:

a little cheese but…

Most people will never own a Van Gogh. They probably won’t look at a Monet daily. They might not purchase a Brancusi sculpture for the living room, or live in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. On the other hand, they most likely will wake up to look at their alarm clock each morning, drive their car to and from work, and look at their watch countless times. It is easy to underestimate the impact of interacting with these objects. They are part of our daily routines. It is all too easy to discount them as mere products.

A person strapping on their watch, glancing at it throughout the day, every day, possibly for a period of years, has the opportunity to come to know it on an intimate level. It could be the last thing this person sees before drifting to sleep at night and the first thing they see in the morning. This person will know every line, every detail, every nuance of color and shape, even if only on a subconscious level.

From the standpoint of a designer, this is an opportunity to provide people with something above and beyond an object that performs a simple function. It is an chance to give them a work of art. A work of art that they personally interact with every day. A work that people take notice of and admire, or one that blends into the surroundings and makes its statement with a whisper. A work that is a sculptural marvel and technical feat, or one that performs a function with such clean simplicity it takes on an elegance of its own. A work of art that can stimulate every sense, based on the desire of it’s designers.

In this way an object’s form takes on a function of its own. The form of a product transcends styling and becomes the manifestation of an idea. The form is a medium that melds functionless sculpture and sculptureless function into a unified whole creating something entirely different. Creating a piece of art for everyone. Creating a well designed product.

The design of this product can have many purposes. It can be the pure creative _expression of an artist making life more visually satisfying. It can communicate new functions clearly making it a pleasure to use everyday. The most innovative designs do both.

I dont think designers have a choice. My brain was designed to think like a designer. Since early years, thats all i have wanted to do. Draw, construct, build, make, create, design, whatever you want to call it. Fact is, its creating something only visible to you in your minds eye and then making it a reality to others.

If i see something that looks or feels wrong i dont have a choice but to think of a better way of developing it. It just happens! If i dont get that idea down within a few minutes it frustrates me!

I cant think of any other job that satisfies like design. You get to use your hands in such a way that many people can only dream of doing.

And an end result, a new product, something is born. You concieved it, created it its alive and its because of you (and the team).

Its a great feeling.

And in some way, it is something that man has always strived to do since the early ages of survival. Designers still have that instinct built in i think.

To try and make things better, in ever which way you define better.

amc- nice work, keep it up.

Do you know anyone who does similar work to Roguesystems but on the MR-S (MR-2 Spyder stateside)?

same as amc. its what i do. theres no Why about it.

…We are simply what we are…

Who knows why…Who cares why…We just Are

I design because I want to build things. I wish that I could simply build things in almost a craft kind of way, but in our culture there is almost no value in that. So I decided to focus on just the design aspect of building which has an increasing amount of value, especially in the US.

:cry: Sometimes,I think design is just a job…as same as other kinds of jobs…working for the fun in the job and the money it give u…

I design because it encompasses many of the things I have fun with. Luckily, I get paid for it too.

Simply, I like to:
Solve problems, ask questions, answer questions, learn new things, build things, tear them down, tinker with things, mess around with technology, make things simpler and look better too.

We get paid for what we got in trouble for as kids!! Scribbling on the top of pages! Pulling things apart! Destroying ourselves with paint! Staying up all night on the computer! Eating junk food!!

Ah life is good!

Or in some cases, destroying ourselves with resin that doesn’t come off until you shed a few layers of skin :cry: LOL

I design because I can. It beats real work :sunglasses:

I think design is the most real work there is!!!

Think about it. Many people file papers, answer phones, sort stuff into sections, write reports that only certain people understand etc. i.e. there is an element of where is the finishing point, monotony, where is the end? There is no end in many people’s jobs. Just the same in and out every day.

Then there is our job. We make things real, we deal with real issues, we deliver real solutions, we present real objects. We deliver a real conclusion.

Our job is a real job. What you mean is we have real fun in the process. Thats what makes us tick. :smiley:

Correct me if im wrong mind…

I may have different situation here, where design sometimes has to be moved step a side due to the lack of knowledge on how to build/make it as how it exactly is. Sometimes its really pissed me off when one of my design must go through overall revision due to technical matters.

Unlike any other countries where design already have its own place, we here must perform different approach on different angle. Forgot to tell you guys, im currently work on one Advertising Company as marketing after spending quiet sometimes on creative dept, thats why i really know abt what these people wants. People here are very selective on their ad. need based on the golden rules of economic - spend few to get more. For example, you guys must know abt the “repetition ad.”, an ugly short ad. repeated for 2-3 times, which is make me very sick, but believe it or not, that kind of ad. really drive people under their unconcious mind. We do have a great appreciation about art and design in some cities, but at the city where i live now, design is just a “part” of something, and treated as an unpaid-bonus instead of having it appreciatetely-sold. Dont get me wrong by thinking that its all about money afterall, but that is how it works here, its kind of measurement that i have to live with. Without having it sold to third party (companies), it means nothing.

But still, as wise man says, “look at the bright side”, its quiet chalanging though. Good design in here is something which can be made easily, efficiently, can be applied safely without have to be worry someone will steal it or spray paint on it or have stone throwed on it, otherwise it will only wastly lays on cd’s rack or printed as our portofolio.

So if there is a question about “why do you design”, for me its try to unleash my creative ego using their money and rules, also try to survive from tons of environment and social limitations and technical matters. Yet im still a happy person,…:slight_smile:)

to get to the other side.


Now thats a sharp bit of quick wit if ever I read it. :wink: :smiley:


Suits are not happy if you tell them they don’t do real work, and point out how boring, monotonous and pointless their whole reason for being is. Seeing as there are more of them than us, and they dish out the money, I am happy to cede the meaning of the word to them. I will then go and ‘play’. It is ‘play’ (designing) that I get paid for, whereas suits have to ‘work’ to get money, by their own definition. See? Hehehe. :laughing:

Although I am more of a design engineer than a Felt-tip Fairy, so I have to do some boring stuff… :sunglasses: