Why do I find this so damned funny?

Best of the series, imo.

Simple things, my friend. Simple things.

I do agree it is the best one :wink:

Simple things, my friend. Simple things.


And it recalls our earliest pleasurable memories … and what could be more reassuring when considering the purchase of something we don’t even want. Pleasure.


this is a good one :smiley:

it is a perfect example for comedy,
you know the rules, you see somebody totaly break it in a humorous way and cut. everything you need for a quick laugh

german tv comercials really miss this kind of attention grabbing!

I just laughed my ass off. That one was good. I needed that today.

Weeeee … wee, wee, wee . … . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

I can not remember the last time I experienced such unadulterated joy in my life.

Great stuff.

My wife sells auto/home insurance for the Auto Club of Southern California; I definitely have no affiliation with GEICO

in this context, an interesting german comercial clip, with a totally different approach

i like the fold up chairs in the floor :smiley:

grenzenlose haus = limitless house

10 minutes… a long commercial. It has a certain “Grimm’s Fairy Tale” flavor to it.