Why didn't I think of this first?

I was at The Container Store checking out some Japanese buckets. I noticed the handle had a hole on one side, I thought it was just there for looks.

After looking it up online I learned what it was there for. Very clever idea.

Asians are so much better than us. Brilliant!

That is a pretty clever little innovation. An iteration could be a hook so it would work with a spray nozle. I never take the spray nozle off my hose.

I always just shoved enough hose into the bottom of the bucket that the nozzle would stay in the bucket and not flip after it filled for a few seconds.

Neat idea. Like others, all I see is a thousand possible Rev2’s…it’s like I’m in the Matrix and I see through whats already there to what COULD be there.

Larger hole because our garden hoses all have threaded brass nibs on the ends,
Hook/hole and put it on the crest so it can still trap/pinch the hose but also hang the bucket while balanced,

and on and on!

Wow, this has already caught Core’s attention!

(and I’m even given credit at the end) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Possibly off topic but it reminded me of this article I read a while back that would work with that bucket. http://makezine.com/review/tool-review-gilmour-528t-solid-brass-twist-hose-nozzle/ . It’s simply an ode to the simplest and most understated spray nozzle out there. In my experience spray nozzles are mostly plastic crap that ends up leaking and cracking after a very short time - like most tools you’ll find in a box renovation centre, they have more in common with a toy than a tool.

It’s really interesting to look at the forces at play that prevent these ‘good designs’ from actually rising to the top and becoming staples.

Very nice. You should demand they credit you with your full username.

A poster on the Core article referenced the OXO bucket;

According to the OXO website description the hook is meant as a “mop holder” although it could probably hold a hose too.

I still think the Omnioutil bucket is remarkable because of its understated design and simplicity. And it’s been around for over 20 years.

The OXO one is surprisingly non visually pleasing.

That is weird. Oxo would be the last name I would attach to that bucket.

There’s an even bigger sin (granted, that putty grey is pretty awful) lurking in that OXO bucket: oval vs. round + single handle.

When you have one handle on anything not round, parts of the load can be further away from the handle’s pivot than other parts of the load, which leads to imbalance, tilting, and spilling. When it’s filled with water, it only needs to get a wee bit caddywampus (think normal sloshing as you’re carrying the bucket), and then the whole thing tilts and you have water all over your as-yet-unfinished maple flooring.

Consider hand-held shopping baskets like you find in most any market: a single handle would not work well.

Good point. I have a pill shaped bucket with a single handle and it is a slosh master.

I love that “holey” bucket…

I like better the OXO, with the red hook thingy…

It is definitely an innovative design and not just that, but it actually is a user friendly feature. Hopefully, more such unique designs would be available in the market.

Sometimes if it is not being told, we don’t think of it! :smiley:

Wawww. It looks Nice! Really liked this Japanese buckets .