Why did you choose ID?

What made you enter the profession?

Also, since design is clearly very meaningful to you (hopefully)…why?

'cause I like Black.

…because all of the other majors required textbooks.

Because my wrist is limp and i like wierd glasses

for the money… :wink:

…as a child i loved boats, planes, trains and cars…found a book on the designers of the 1930’s…saw the senior id student projects at the local uni and i was hooked…i tinkered with architecture for a time but buildings don’t move…very fast anyway.

Because architecture takes 5 years, 3 years of an intership and then you have no creative freedom…

Because as a kid, when asked what I wanted to do when I grew up I said “Draw stuff from the future”… little did I know I could get paid to do that.

cause I gots mad skeeelz

Seriously I went into ID thinking I could work my way into doing concept deisgn work for the movie industry (star wars was my prime inspiration). Everyone had always told me that ID was the degree that the studios looked for when hiring concept artists.

They were right, but I was wrong by thinking that it is a field I could have gotten into. I’m good, but I’m not that good.

Now I just do it for the paycheck, which isn’t all that great, but in this age of Wal Mart, I’ll take what I can get.