Why aren't more designers using lenticular?

With so many effects why aren’t more designers using lenticular?

Maybe cost!

Cost can be a factor, when there are low numbers.
But imagine doing a bilingual lenticular, that changes from one language to another. Hitting two different languages with one printed piece could be huge!
Or imagine being able to show a motion effect on a POP display without having to use expensive motors! Also, a cost savings.

A few years ago I developed some lenticular puzzles as part of a licensed toy line (cost was very high compared to other printing techniques, even with a 20K MOQ), but when we received samples to review we made ourselves feel a bit seasick putting them together… so killed the item!

So I’d say seasickness can sometimes be one of the limiting factors for using lenticular!! :slight_smile:

You all do get it that the original post was SPAM, right???

Grrr… well that’s embarrassing!!! … I think I was sucked in by excitement that somebody might be talking about manufacturing techniques / products often used for toys :frowning: