Why are kitchen cabinets either to high or too low for

or too low to reach for the average women can’t reach?
Why are interiors grey now?
Why are couches low to the floor, really deep and have very low backs?
Why are there so many hard surfaces and no soft absorbent (sound) surfaces?

You know what - I’m pleased I live on a boat when I read stuff like this. Don’t get these problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it looks cool…

Counter heights are dictated by standards. 36" (in North America) has been the standard for at least 35 years. It is written into either building codes or architectural standards books. I remember reading it in a book my dad had when I was 16.

It hasn’t always been that way. I had a 1920’s apartment in Montreal with a newer 36" counter and an older 30" or 32" counter. I suppose it changed according to increasing average height.

Ideally, this would be adjustable, but it’s a pain to design and way more expensive than most people would pay.

Interiors are grey? I don’t know. I thought white had made a big return the last few years. The last time I painted, I’ve used white, a robin’s egg blue (kinda like my old 914 or the '93 911 blue that I stole it from), lilac and a greyish blue. I’ve just been in a cool color mood lately. I like the color of bath though, seafoam green.

Couches: They look cool.

Hard v. Soft surface: You would have to be more specific. If your child has just started walking, you will certainly think there are too many hard surfaces in a house…

As Mr. 914 pointed out, counters have been a standard 36" for quite some time now. For many short women (and short men), that would be too high. For many tall women (and tall men), that would be too low. For many other women (and men), that would be just right.

What’s your point Goldylocks?

You know what - I’m pleased I live on a boat when I read stuff like this. Don’t get these problems. > :stuck_out_tongue:

HA! You tickled my funny-bone Jess. I lived on board a 40-foot DuFour for a while … . what problems did you have?? :wink:

Mine was moored, vs. berthed… . the first problem of any day was getting to shore, especially in inclement weather. Then there was the 1,200-plus pound sea lion that kept trying to climb onto the swim platform…

I’d consider it again, if I was 30-something.

But you’re right… there isn’t too much fiddling about living on a 40 boat.