Why are Designers placed in the shadow?

Hi everybody.
Sometime i feel sad about designers. There are so many designers designing good product that we use everyday, but none of these designers are known.
Why is it that way?
I was reading the new Sole Collector magazine yesterday and i noticed that some of the shoes that was presented in the magazine have a question mark ?? when it comes to who designed them.
The adidas EQT B-BALL
The adidas EQT TOP TEN
The FILA Grant Hill 4
These are some of the shoes that did not have a “designer”, the others such as the Nike zoom hawk, the Jumpman PRO was designed by Eric Avar.
The Reebok Answer 1 was designed by Scott Hewett.
When i look at all the shoe design that has been done by Nike over the years, i dont think there is only few people who designed them.There is a lot of designers but it seems like most of them live in the shadow. Why?
Maybe i’m wrong, but i feel like designers are placed in the shadow.

If anyone have any answer to that please feel free to drop something. :slight_smile:
i want to know what’s going on in the design world.

When I worked for Ellesse about 12 years ago, there was strong emphasis on team playing. We were strongly discouraged from saying which shoes we had designed at sales meetings, we were encouraged to be team players.

I’d say that this is a good thing - the competitiveness amongst designers in a small team can be bad to the point of everyone falling out, if it isn’t kept in check.

Also a shoe is often designed by more than one designer. You might use the outsole for more than one style, the upper could be designed by someone else, the colourways and materials could be chosen by somebody else. The bigger the brand, the more often I’d say thing happens.

We were always encouraged to work on each others shoes, for instance we’d swap categories every season and update each others shoes to keep it fresh.

If you have a brand with more than one designer designing for it, it’s important to make the range look like it has it’s own handwriting, rather than that of several individuals, if it did it would look unfocussed.

Anyway, try being freelance, I often find it frustrating when I go for jobs, because I can’t show them relevant work from other clients, because that client has made me sign a contract stating that I won’t show the work to anyone else. As well as that, I can’t show work until it’s at retail, so my protfolio is permanently one year out of date!

shoenista: Hi!!
Thank you for telling me your experience and openning my eyes :smiley: , i understand now. I didn’t know that many people where involved in the design of a shoe.
I thought the process was all done by the designer. I mean color, material were all the designer job.
It makes more sense for me now :smiley: …It is a team work. OK :smiley:

Thank you!!

to question your question-

why shouldn’t designer’s be “in a shadow”? few of us ( i would like to believe) go into design for fame. does knowing who designed a product make it any better or worse?

for sure there are usually many designers and team players involved in any one design.

for sure its great to get credit, but personally, at the end of the day, if the product is successful, sells well, is a benefit for the brand/company it’s its’ own reward. not to mention the thrill of seeing someone wearing your kicks.

if you are looking to be a rock star, design is most likely the wrong field. not to say there isnt perhaps a place for name brand designers to bring attention to the field and add to brand equity.

i wonder in other fields if recognition plays such an important. design vs. engineering, UI, or dentistry for example, im sure design individuals get more into the public eye…