Why are all design facilities in places I wouldn't ever move

seriously, most design facilities for large corps. are in horrible cities like Atlanta, and Wisconsin ect… I’m frustrated!

there are plenty of great corp offices in cities like new york, boston, chicago, san fran, and LA…

and if you dont want to work at a corp office… then most compitent design firms are in these same hot spots…


I didn’t realize Wisconsin was a horrible city. I guess some would see it as a horrible state, but whatever…

Sounds like you already have a location in mind as to where you want to be. So move there, have fun finding a job, and leave the “horrible” places to the those of us who haven’t already narrowed our minds to only living in New York or SF.

I’ve lived in a ton of places in my life, from Denver to Des Moines, and one thing I’ve learned is that your life and your happiness is really what you make of it. I know plenty of people who thought that living in New York or Chicago would be the ideal, and then HATED it. And I know plenty of people who cringed at the thought of living in BF Iowa, but ended up loving it!

Do what you gotta do, but bear in mind that in this shifting economy, if you want to work you may have to take a job in a “horrible” location. I can only hope that if you do, you let go of this geographic baggage you are obviously lugging around.

Wisconsin horrible city (which city?) state please explain? What are you looking for in a location? Wisconsin is great if you enjoy the outdoors, MT biking, hiking, cross country running/skiing, boating, and fishing.

Perhaps you need to explain what you are looking for in a location and then look for a place that meets those requirements.

Also if you are looking to move to a more metro location (NYC,LA,SanFran) then you need to look at consultancy. Come on did you ever truly believe corporate engineering (design usually part of this department in corporate world) would be located in a large urban sprawl, when the manufacturing could never be!?!

I’m not sure why Wisconsin is so horrible; granted it’s not a cosmopolitan cultural capital (unless you like Prairie style and beautiful bubblers) but it is a beautiful place and relatively cheap.

I understand LA, SF, and NYC are cosmopolitan cultural capitals, but unless you’re making well over $100k a year, the cost of living in those cities is horribly inhospitable.

kinda good quesiton- where are the studios located? Let’s see. Help with the list. I’ll start:

Motorola: Chicago.

Atlanta isn’t too bad other then the long commute times associated with living there and the bad traffic. Pollen count is horrible so if you have allergies, beware. Living in the outskirts, cause housing if more affordable and working witihin the perimeter or close to it = long commute in bumper to bumper traffic.

If you want to select where you live then your in the wrong field, only way ya can do that is in the medical field or service industry.

…many large corps are where they are because that is where they started when they were not so large (ie. maytag is currently located at the same intersection of two streets in newton, ia where it and three other washing machine companies started, how wierd is that?..although no more wierd than the car cos being in detroit, mi or there abouts). because that is where the workforce was in the beginning and still is, i suppose.

…studios can be anywhere, but are usually close to thier core clients, which are you know who and you know where.

…so, no matter where you go…there you are.

Atlanta is horrible? How so? I grew up in Atlanta and I think it is kinda nice (at least for a big city - I personally prefer a bit more solitude…).

Just curious, if ATL is so horrible, how would you compare it with, say, Chicago, NYC, Boston, LA?