Who's optimistic?

In the face of the constant gloom and doom stories in the media, I am curious who is feeling as optimistic about their future right now.

The reason I ask, is because I am. I see opportunity all around right now and it feels like all you need to do is reach out and grab it.

I know optimism doesn’t create opportunity, but it has to start somewhere, doesn’t it?

I guess I just get exhausted by the constant looking over the shoulder and was wondering where others were on this front.

I feel optimistic.

Turbulent times mean a lot of change happening. And as an change agent
I feel it is good thing.

There might be grief for some. But at last the mainstream is (forced) to stop
looking in the rearview-mirror and envisage the future.

And we as designers are the professionals to sharpen the view.

All the best

yours mo-i

I’m optimistic. History has shown us that things only get better.

I’m very optimistic. I’m young enough to weather the storm (not that older generations cannot) and all I see are opportunities for improvement. Plus, its a great time to get into the market, everything is on sale! Double your 401K contributions, every share you buy is cheaper than the last. It may go down the next 2 years, but in 20-30, you’ll be glad you did.

been through one of these before 73-77 and yes long term i am optimistic (not about ID perse) however in the short run netx 3 years or so any dreams of entrenperural efforts are going to be pretty much pipe dreams. If you have a souce of venture funds treat them like the pureist gold, because not only are they the “pretty girl” at this dance the are the only girl. Opertunites abound, however with out the abilty (see money) to act on them they are like information, functionaly worthless. A bunch of you will say ya ya zippy is just doing his doom act, well kiddies from what i see 73-77 was less intense than this one is going to be.

I do too. Business is growing (still) and many of our competitors are struggling.

About a month or two ago, I pretty much stopped consuming news. That was a big help for my outlook and happiness, and I highly recommend it. (You’ll still hear about anything really important that happens.) I think now we have so many news organizations competing for limited consumers that they have gone totally overboard in sensationalizing literally everything that happens. Also, the internet seems to cultivate the prophets of doom, whose crap then makes its way back into the regular media. The original lesson for that particular feedback loop was the Y2K scare and some of the absurd “end of civilization” predictions it spawned.

So far, this is not a particularly serious recession on the scale of recessions, and comparisons to the Great Depression are absurd. I realize things could (and likely will) get worse, but we have a long way to go before reality catches up with perception.

I think the new team in DC will have some innovative solutions to the current debacle (at least I hope they do). The last team went on vacation about 4 years ago.

I’m launching a new business in 2009 and I’m hoping people actually have some $$$ to spend on my products.

Did you read the 4-Hour Work Week too? :wink:

The reset will be amazing, you’ll see what I mean.

I second everyone’s optimistic outlooks. With hard work, wisdom, and honed design skills, we can succeed in spite of the economy.

I am not optimistic that our new president will implement the right policies, however. I’m afraid that higher taxes and a greater degree of socialism will prolong our woes, much as FDR did for the US in the Great Depression (other countries got out of it after a few years, the US muddled in it for a decade). It’s frustrating to have well-intentioned leaders (Bush and Obama) make stupid policy decisions.

But, in spite of all this stuff, I think we’ll be okay. Now more than ever, it’s a competitive world. Only the best have total job security. I’m trying extra hard as a student so hopefully I can fit in that category by the time I graduate in 3 semesters.

i’m optimistic. i think the turnaround will vault me to a new level. i’m ready for it.

Yep. :slight_smile: Inspiring, wasn’t it? Especially being in design- it’s certainly not hard to come up with products, and a lot of the infrastructure that’s been built in the last several years (like Amazon Fulfillment) has taken away most of the hard work. There are a lot of contract manufacturers looking for business right now. It’s a great time to be starting projects if you’re in markets where people are still spending money, and especially if your stuff is good value. It’s all about value now.

Very. It is actually a huge part of starting this thread.

It is interesting how different people interpret the book though. I have a friend who read it and is now acting like Fred Flintstone thinking he’s going to be able to get rich w/o doing any work at all.

It was quite the opposite take I had from reading it. The whole focus on working effectively basically translated for me, “work harder, but smarter, and for shorter periods of time”.

I’m optimistic.

Necessity is the mother of invention. A whole lot of necessity hit the fan this year. The next few years won’t be easy, but there will be some, dare I say, paradigm shifts!

Didn’t Teague, Dreyfuss and Loewy get their start in the great depression?

Perhaps we got what was coming to us.

So now why don’t we all quit moaning and just get over it and get on with it?

Hehe…seems someone is more sick of listening to people looking over their shoulder too :slight_smile:

Scott: Strange that you stopped watching and reading news. I’m doing the opposite and I’m super happy. Depressions are always the most creative periods in history, at least in the last hundred years. As Yo pointed out, ID’s golden age was in the depression. Teague, Loewy, Dreyfuss & others.

I’ve been listening to a lot of punk rock and post punk from the late '70’s UK. An explosion of creativity musically and aesthetically. I saw some of Peter Saville’s sketches for New Order’s Blue Monday single at the museum a month ago. Inspiring work. Same thing in American music. The early '80’s recession saw the birth of hardcore punk and another explosion of creativity, like Raymond Pettibone’s weird drawings.

I hope this depression goes on for years, I’m lovin’ it!

I’m optimistic, I always am. I would like to see a full scale economic collapse. I think it is time that we started fresh. I am a little worried about the possibility of riots in the near future.

I’m optimistic but everyone cuts the travel budget first then training budget second. I don’t want to make money on unemployed folks!

When caterpillar lays off I loose my optimism. They have always hired every unemployed person we toss over the fence at em. Not any longer i guess.