Who's got the Skills?

Whole lotta questions…

For anyone looking to go into ID is there any particular specific skill you guys think should be developed? Life drawing. or creative stuff from the head? Any type of object we should really work on? Any type of drawing implement? Are there any types of material or skill that might really impresse design schools?
Are there any dealbreaker skills that are a neccesity for anyone who wants to go into ID?

Are there any designers here who weren’t particurly impressive artists before going into ID? Did you already think a lot about original designs? Without artistic skills coming naturally how did you decide to study ID, then how did you deal with it?

I am particurally curious about the overall experience and story of anyone who went into ID undergrad…

Learn to concept. That means coming up with ideas quickly and sketching them out…quickly.

Get this book:
Rapid Viz : A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas
by Kurt Hanks, Larry Belliston, Philip Gerould, Kurt Banks

  • Paperback: 149 pages
  • Publisher: Crisp Publications; Reprint edition (December 1, 1990)
  • ISBN: 1560520558

Sketching and stuffs are basic technical skills that a grad must posess.

Still being a student and looking around, I only can say this to you: When you design, you are designing for a purpose, which more than often is not for yourself. If you keep telling yourself about what YOU want, then you can never reach the people of your target.

I’ve seen many cases of students thinking about their projects as what they want to have, but not what their target is looking for, thus fail to come out with a sensible design or a proposal that will serve its initial goal.