Who's going to IDSA National in September?

I’m going… Who else?

hummmm maybe i should go, fully loaded with cream pies and seltzer water of course.

always ready to be a naysayer - even before you’ve heard a presentation…
maybe you should go.

not a naysayer, just the voice of reality…and not unwilling to toss pies to prove the point.

We usually send three or four people but we plan to skip it this year for several reasons. First, last years was a near total disappointment (I enjoyed seeing some friends and the free sketchbooks handed out upon registration). Two, although I have not seen anything on the actually presentations the overall theme of “Polar Opposites” seems provocative but forced and unlikely to lead to the right design discussions (for me). Third, while I really enjoy seeing some of the people there and always like talking with students, the top tier pompous IDSA clic always leaves me frustrated irritated…or is it jealous? Speaking of jealous the last reason is that although we are a finalist we did not win a medal this year. Oh and although the Biltmore is a great choice, I am not really that interested in Phoenix.

As always, I will be there.

I’m in. First time going, and first time as a Chapter Chair, so I’m pretty stoked.

When and where exactly? Would love to attend and network.

At the Biltmore Resort in Scottsdale (Phoenix) Arizona.


IDSA site doesn’t have this event on their calendar. Hmmm . . . .[/i]

September 10-13


Who doesn’t like a bizcation? Even if the conference isn’t any good (which I doubt I wont find something thats interesting) its always nice to travel somewhere and be among old friends from the industry. You can always talk shop…and make fun of people and things when you are bored (an American pastime).

I was looking forward to going, but I will be in the middle of my move to Boston, so I’ll have to skip this year’s.

Anybody going to the IDEA party?


Core77 will be running the portfolio review on Thursday and Friday.

How about a Core77 meet up on Thursday night? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

I know nothing about Phoenix. Is there a cool western dive with a yard and bonfire that we can take over? Or will we be prisoners at the resort? In which case, is there a pool/patio that we can take over?

probably not getting into town until Friday evening

If you want to see which companies are coming go to

I get there on Monday (to get over jet lag and do some US shopping) and I leave on Sunday.

See ya’ll there :slight_smile:

If you or anyone you know needs to find a place to stay in Phoenix/ Tempe near ASU during the conference check out www.airbedandbreakfast.com

Its a great way to stay with local designers at affordable prices!

see you in Phoenix !