Who's going to Furniture Market in a couple of weeks?

Just wanted to see if any of the forum’ites will be showing up for this. If so, maybe we can all drink our sorrows away at one of the clubs downtown!

This will be my first market. My company has an all-new posh showroom at 220 Elm. Can’t wait to see it completed (sweating bullets until then though!)

I’ll be there - would love to catch up with some ID’ers, have a few drinks, and bitch about High Point. :laughing:

Shoot me an email we’ll get something worked out.

this isn’t the ICFF in NY is it?

i am flying into that for my first time on may 19th.

let me kow, i can drive up.

just had this happen to me today:

boss/owner: “well, we’re not doing so good”

me: “o rly?”

boss/owner: “yeah. i’m polishing my resume, you may want to do the same”

me: “awesome. thanks.”

true story.

fark. me. running.
just got back from my honeymoon this week. can’t wait to tell my wife.

Congrats on the marraige!

Damn shame about the job situation, though…


can’t wait to tell the wife, she’ll be thrilled.

I’ll be there from the 25th to the 29th.

I forgot to add, I’ll be in town from 21st through May 1st…

well, i’m in charlotte, so highpoint is about an hour and a half away.