who's comin' to DAAP

Just got that so called FATso “Official Letter” from DAAP, UC and am still recovering from the shock… n the shock I’m gonna give at DAAP…

Did my Bdes from IIT guwahati, India… n going for a MDes (product design) at DAAP.

Who else ?? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: hey, dunno about the course, but the institute is damn good. from wot i know from a friend of mine doing M.Sc in Architecture, it’s ranked pretty high up in interior/architecture.I can give u his email id…and u can find out more from him.meanwile…hang on to it…sumthin in hand is better than nuthin in th attic… :unamused:

i got accepted as well for the m-arch. im still considering DAAP in a way, especially for the co op. apart, it s quite expensive when compared to other univs id applied to. hmm… lets see. i dont know how much u know abt ur prog, but u seem to be very excited about it. btw, im from india too.

Hi Simian…

I dont think that DAAP is that expensive… infact some 30 grands, and when you are provided with all the Aid, it is even better… n yeah I’m quite kicked about it :slight_smile:

Btw did U get accepted with aid ?? wht other options U have ??

Seriously consider the fact that at DAAP you will literally be WORKING six out of 12 months a year after your first year. You will MAKE MONEY on all of your internships. Not to mention that interning is an awesome way to meet awesome people and do awesome design - if you don’t like a job, well, you are a short timer anyway.

Daap interns in industrial design make an average of 13 bucks an hour. Fourth and fifth year students get paid upwards of 20 bucks an hour. This makes college way more fun. Most students can’t wait to get out of college to earn money - daap students have a huge advantage in the college cash flow department.

is that true for masters students also ?? I’ve hrd Co-ops are meant for undergrds only…