Who's attending the IDSA NE District Conf this Weekend

With the IDSA North East District Conf coming up this weekend I thought It would be cool to see who is attending. I will be headed up to Boston on Friday. Anyone else?!?!? It would be cool to get some of the Core bloggers together for drinks.

I’ll be there. Some warm ups for the Friday rapid viz session from this weekend. I’ll also be on one of the Saturday panel discussions.

Nice!!! I can’t wait. I will be at your Bootcamp session. It should be a good time.

I hope so, I’m going to cover a few quick basics, and then just do requests for the rest. Personally, I love to watch other people’s work flow and just really see how they do it. Should be fun.

^^ Throwing down some heat, MD! Very nice. Some of your nicest sketches I think.


I will not be attending the conference but I will try to swing by at least YO’s bootcamp session on friday.

Cool, cool…

I’m looking to hire an intern from the portfolio reviews for those students attending that.

does the intern have to be a student or can it be a young laid off shoe designer? lol