wholesale sales reps.

As a partner (designer) in a wholesale furniture line should i request a list of our sales reps.?


I looked back on some of your previous posts and you seemed to be very worried about the book keeping side of your business. If you are the owner of the line than you need to be in complete control over your product. Just like a large corporate company would not allow their product to be sold and it not be reported, you should not allow your product to be sold without knowing what is going on either.

Who your reps are should be common knowledge inside the company, and should be readily available to you. Why wouldn’t you ask for that information?

By “partner” do you mean you’re an owner? If you own part of the company and you have to ask us whether it’s OK for you to ask about fundamentals of the business, you frankly shouldn’t be an owner. And if you’re just worried that you’re getting screwed on royalties, you need to find someone else to work with.

yeah…if your a partner then you have a right to request… :smiley:

You better even meet them and guide them about your products, what you had in mind when designing them and what are the key selling poings they should emphsize before there clients.
Any other thing is like putting all your career in others hands!

Uh, yes. Why don’t they know who you are? If you told me what you sell, I could probably find most of them in around 30 mins. on the web. Are you a silent partner?

More please. What is your real trepidation stemming from?