Who Would You Hire?

From the employer’s perspective, who would you hire for an industrial design position?;

Person A > Average Industrial Design graduate who has vast amount of experience from unrelated jobs (ie, some one who works and studies).


Person B > High achiever with quality porfolio and various skills. But has zilch in experience in any type of field.

Also would you hire base on other factors such as soft skills (personality, leadership, people skills) appearance etc?

…no easy answer to your question…hiring a designer is like casting a movie or play in many respects…it comes down to the role the new talent will be playing…but to give you some insight here, i had a design director tell me once that ‘experience’ is the weakest (ie least important) quality you bring to a job…that maybe true however "experience’ is where we draw our inspiration (jumping off point) for new ideas, concepts, solutions, etc…more to your question, if i were seriously considering both the candidates you discribe for a position and all other things being equal, the one which demonstrated the most enthusiasm for the work would get an offer…