Who would you do a collabo project with?

I wouldn’t mind teaming up with the mezco toys department. The make good figures especially the Hellboy action figures that are straight from the comic. The sculpts came out great. I have a few characters I wouldn’t mind them making the toys for. I also wouldn’t mind working with Neca. Their work on the ninja turtles was superb. Oh and my focus would be toy design.

herman miller.

Tucker “Tuck” P. Madawick (R.I.P.)


Quentin Tarantino
Bang and Olufsen
Syd Mead
Steve Jobs

I love the work of NorwaySays, and I would be honored to be their intern. (I am still a student). Bang and Olafsen is awesome too.

So, I suppose the where would be scandinavia.

I am also fascinated by D.I.Y. culture right now. I’d love to be able to change things in the way people look at what is needed, and how much of that is bought and how much is made by themselves.

I’d collaborate with a good solicitor, marketer, PR person and an accountant first and foremost. Only then I would choose a designer. :wink:

I would like to work with K@rim so together we can design a bubblegum-pink transparent polycarbonate toilet. :laughing:

steve jobs, while he’s still around.

if jj abrams ever decided he wanted to make stuff in 3D, boy that would be fun. have you guys watched his TED speech? it’s excellent.

and as always, in NYC. i wish there were more of a product development presence here, outside of consultancies. it’s the best creative environment, you can’t help but have ideas bombard you as you walk the streets.


Scott Wilson… I’ve always really respected his work

Saarinen because I really love his stuff. The Eames because they touched soo many industries and had a focus on materials. Lowe for his variety too, including Skylab

selfishly, It’d be great to collaborate with a prolific and wealthy inventor like Thomas Edison. He could invent all the amazing technology, then bankroll someone else (me!) to develop them into world changing products