Who would you do a collabo project with?

Say you could work on a product design and/or design research project with any individual or firm in the world in order to get your own skills up and learn…

Where, with who, and what focus

One hundred clones of myself so I could have them do work all day for me.

“Taylor clone #73, get back to the computer CAD monkey! and Taylor clone #74, I want you to replace #73 after you’re done learning that newest rendering software”

And a selection of designers from C77 and a few designer friends from undergrad to be there to brainstorm with.

Cupertino (homebase) + travel

With whom:
my best friend Eric, Scott Wilson, Marc Newsom, Donald Norman

New Apple store environments for SF, NY, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Milan

Mike DiTullo, Benjamin Lloyd, William Vespa, Spencer Nugent, and Lips and Ribs :wink:

A DVD showing design process in a fun way.

I guess you can check that one off your list ehh :wink:

Other than colaborating with Jon on a DVD :wink:

I’d like to work with MIT Media lab students and a major retailer (Target) on reinventing everything young, mobile, modern professionals really need… kind of an “essentials for modern living” collection of products.

Electronics, cookware, and apparel for modern nomads. I guess it would be the American Muji.

Ya, more on topic I want to work with a person or company that could truly elicit change.
The Paul Allen’s of the world.

Community systems in developing countries. True recycling programs that can take all the garbage from the curb and make it reusable…

I’m kind of yearning for something bigger. Something that is a true challenge. Something that doesn’t have a clear path from A to B

Richard Branson

Chicago + SF + Boston

Spinnerty, DJ Shadow, A-Trak, Skinny, Gregor, a certain Media Lab student *( sorry Yo, you got me thinking on that)

The future of the DJ …

You’d have to be younger than 32, female and drive a Jetta if you want to work for Target… trust me.

Thats a good one. Mine would have to be

Bob Fee (old Prof)
Dev Patnaik
Anyone that does not let Wal-mart call the shots
Donald Norman
Select few SCAD grads

Donald Norman?


I guess I just consider him well past his Beat Before Date.

He is a bit old, but I think he has some great insights around emotion and design.

I’ll collaborate with any of you here on Core. =)

Listened to the Core77 podcast with him being interviewed by Bruce Tharp the other day and it sounds like he’s always striving to stay fresh and reevaluate his past work and changing cultural contexts.

while were at it…

Focus: footwear designed specifically for b-boying Bboy Machine: IBE 2005 - YouTube

with Whom:
b-boy Machine(primary dancer in the video) , b-boy Benny Ben, Yo, & Dziner82

Ya…I guess I simply never really connected with him. Definitely not to the degree that many seem to. I typically have found his books firmly planted in common sense and actually tend to think of most of his thoughts to be “unrefined”.

gotta be the Bouroullecs and Grcic.

but “collaborate”?
heck no, I would honored to be an intern. For collab, I have loooooong ways to go.

I was thinking I would go in one of 2 directions:

1.) the design research route, such as someone mentioned Dev Patnaik or work with ideo/continuum, I could always learn more methods on how to research a product

2.) or go back to the roots of ID and work with a form and materials master, something like the sony/lombardi craftsman collabo

or somebody who has a good command sculpting surfaces, by the way anybody come to mind?

haha, Nice Ben, I would like to be one of those projects as well.

What would your ideal focus be?