Who would win in a race across post-apocolyptic Austrailia?

Who would win a race across post-apocolyptic Austrailia?

  • Knight “The Hoff” Rider
  • The A Team
  • Mad Max
  • The Dukes
  • MacGyver
  • The Burt (A.K.A. The Bandit)

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If you don’t get the question, you aren’t worthy of voting.

Damn…I knew I forgot someone…

If MacGyver is anything like MacGruber from the SNL skits, then no. But for the time being he has my vote. Although, Mad Max is familiar with the terrain.

SNL skit - YouTube


I say Mad Max for sure. The Hoff may be a close second, but being carried by Kit.

A-team would need to hatch a clever scheme to get across the country
and MacGyver would have to fashion a worthy craft from chicken wire, bubble gum and photo developing chemicals. Mad Max would be waiting at the finish line while he put his car together.

OK, how about if you handcuffed the whole cast of Dynasty across the finish line so they could be the finish line tape. Would that up the ante at all?

Or did I just cross the line (ba dum dum).

considering its a long race and the vechiles are in less than showroom conditions…Macgyver…you must finish to win…

How come Kit never seemed to break down, despite the fact it was based on the unreliable Pontiac Firebird. For sure, he wouldn’t make it out of Melbourne before overheating.

My vote is on the A-team. They have it all: brains, brawn, and that grittiness from being POWs.

My vote is for Burt Reynolds & Dom DeLuise

I don’t know I think the duke boys could out drive them all. Plus they have a kick ass car. My votes on the dukes.

its a mopar, need 8 or 9 of them stashed as backups

Is there a semi full of beer involved? If so, I’ve got to 2nd the Burt Reynolds vote…

Yes! More Smokey and the Bandit references!

it has to be mad max he is the only one famiiar with the terrain and we saw how he dominated post apocolyptic butt.

The Bandit wasn’t included in this. If we are going to include himthan is the Snowman involved too?

Did I mention that it’s a semi full of post-apocolyptic beer!?

  • How about Bear Brylls of “Man vs. Wild” and Les Sthoud of “Survivorman”. If Mad Max had to make this tirp on foot then my bet is with the two guys above. Probably more in favor of Les.

Also for consideration is Data from Star Trek:TNG. He does have an unfair advantage of having 24th century artificial intelligence technology, but he is like the Mcgyver of outer space. You cant but admire his ability to think on his feet and come up with contraptions that are put together with the space alien equivalent of chicken wire, bubble gum, photo devoloping chemicals and let’s never forget duct tape.

Knight “The Hoff” Rider: Kitt would choke on the dust. Turbo boost only helps them jump over the competition.

The A Team: They’d spend half the race welding something together…

Mad Max: He’d spend the second half ripping apart what the A-Team built.

The Dukes: They’d save someone’s farm from the bank, realizing in the end that it’s not the race, it’s about helping good folks.

MacGyver: He’d spend the race trying to escape from Thunderdome with duct-tape and a matchstick. He lost the race, but won respect.

The Burt (A.K.A. The Bandit): Hilarity would ensue and ensnarl all other competitors. Bandit wins hands down.

That might be the best post of 2008 so far.

Sounds a lot like Industrial Design :neutral_face:

Don’t Hassle the Hoff. :laughing:

Mad Max may tend to get caught up in Thunderdome contests, which he would rock, but would waste valuable time.

did you know Bear Grylls, is named bear because his family called him teddy bear when he was a boy. I don’t know if he would win the race, but at least we would all know how to survive the trip afterwards.