Who would be your dream lecturer?

We are BE OPEN, a new think tank and Foundation seeking out brilliant ideas and people. We’ve got an educational remit, so on our worldwide roadtrip (we launched at Salone, next stop London Design Festival), we are making awards to students and universities in the design sphere.

In Basel we launched BE OPEN Inside the Academy, a competition for design colleges to win a series of lectures to be given by their dream lecturers, funded by BE OPEN. The winning college, selected by a panel of illustrious judges, was the Sandberg Institute. Director of the Sandberg Jurgen Bey hasn’t chosen his gift lecturers yet, so we’d be really interested to know who you would choose and maybe that will help him make his mind up …

Below is information about the prize to give you some background. Looking forward to your thoughts …


Press release
7pm Monday 11 June 2012

Sandberg Institute Amsterdam wins BE OPEN Inside the Academy Prize
at Design Miami/ Basel 2012
A prize for achievements in design education

Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands today won the BE OPEN Inside the Academy Prize, selected from a shortlist of six leading European design schools: La Cambre, Belgium; Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), Switzerland; Hochschule Basel, Switzerland; Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden, Glasgow School of Art, UK.

The prize aims to spotlight how institutions are nurturing students today to use design thinking to make a positive impact on tomorrow. Each institution was asked to present three projects that best reflect its approach to design thinking and its educational mission. The BE OPEN Inside the Academy Installation is on display at Design Miami/ Basel from 12-17 June 2012.

BE OPEN Inside the Academy Prize grants the winning institution the opportunity to select and host a series of distinguished guest lecturers to further the development of its curriculum.

The BE OPEN Inside the Academy Installation reveals a selection of highly imaginitive projects by outstanding students currently or recently enrolled. They range from the practical - SCRW, furniture design derived from an everyday object, a cork and Ar Vag, a folding vessel with oars intended for use as a shuttle between the shore and a larger vessel, to the esoteric: Visionary Periphery, an invitation to alter your vision to get a glimpse of what else you could have created for your mind to live in; and the political: READ, an attempt to reduce the editorial influence of newspapers in order to stimulate journalism as a creative practice.

The jury - Ron Arad (Designer-Architect), Gilda Bojardi (Interni Magazine), Felix Burrichter (Pin-Up Magazine), Daniel Charny (Curator and Educator), Johanna Agerman Ross (Disegno Magazine) – selected the winning university for its progressive attitude and appropriately social and political agenda. Daniel Charny said “Sandberg shows an ambitious rethinking of what the learning experience can give students.”

BE OPEN Founder Elena Baturina said “The schools that entered our first edition of BE OPEN Inside the Academy are united in their missions not just to fulfil the usual academic curriculum, but to mentor their students and help them get their feet on the first rung of the design career ladder. This is a crucial part of BE OPEN’s thinking. I define the purpose of BE OPEN as ‘intellectual development’, investing in the creation of added value for future generations.”

Jurgen Bey, Director of the winning school said “It is unique, and much appreciated, to find a prize that focuses on education and not just on star designers. We encourage the journey of learning, raising questions to which there may be no answers – that is how development begins and it is wonderful that BE OPEN recognises this.”

BE OPEN is launching the new platform of BE OPEN Inside the Academy in Basel this June with Design Miami/ Basel, the global forum for design, in order to draw attention to the importance of education today in nurturing the designers who will shape our world tomorrow. For the first edition of this prize, leading institutions have been drawn from across the Europe, but the intention is to expand the program to encompass a broader range of regions in the future.

An online popular vote for the best project on the BE OPEN website http://beopenfuture.com/exhibitions/basel grants the group of students from the winning school - La Cambre, Belgium - an invitation to the London Design Festival in September 2012 as guests of BE OPEN. BE OPEN and the London Design Festival are co-producing the BE OPEN Sound Portal in Trafalgar Square for September 2012.

For further information on BE OPEN please contact

Tania Nudelman PR Director tania.nudelman@beopenfuture.com

Theresa Simon & Partners, London
Wendy Brierley wendy@theresasimon.com
Theresa Simon theresa@theresasimon.com

  • 44 207 734 4800

For further information on Design Miami / Basel please contact
Judith Fereday judith@camron.co.uk +44 (0)20 7420 1700

Notes for Editors

A Global Initiative To Foster Creativity And Innovation

BE OPEN is a creative think tank whose mission is to promote people and ideas today to build solutions for tomorrow. It is a cultural and humanitarian initiative that aims to harness the brainpower of creative leaders through a system of conferences, competitions, exhibitions, master classes, cultural and art events.

Behind the creation of BE OPEN stands an international team united around the Russian businesswoman, entrepreneur, celebrated maecenas and philanthropist, Elena Baturina.

A long-term, international, multidisciplinary, multi-faceted project, BE OPEN will allow leading contemporary thinkers and creatives to meet up with those in the media and business, discuss their ideas and visions and ultimately make change happen.

At the heart of BE OPEN is a series of global conferences that will act as a catalyst and platform for making new ideas happen. Today’s urban creative hubs are earmarked for BE OPEN events: the project was launched at Milan Design Week’s FuoriSalone this April (2012) and will move to the UK for the London Design Festival (14-23 September 2012).

Milan Design Week: the launchpad for BE OPEN
April 2012
The umbrella theme of the inaugural events at the International Milan Design Week’s FuoriSalone 2012 was “Be open to the future”. The three BE OPEN conferences, an exhibition and BE OPEN Awards ceremony were organized in partnership with the Italian magazine INTERNI and ran at the Aula Magna of Università degli Studi di Milano 17-19 April.

London Design Festival: BE OPEN Sound Portal
19-23 September 2012
BE OPEN and the London Design Festival are co-producing a project in Trafalgar Square for the London Design Festival 2012 that focuses on the idea of ‘design you can’t see’.

Taking as its basis the idea of sound as a means of conveying memory and evoking emotion, the BE OPEN Sound Portal will be an immersive space in the centre of the square that will take visitors on an intriguing journey. Designed by Arup and Sound and Music, the Portal will transport visitors to inaccessible places and remote environments through a series of three-dimensional soundscapes created by leading musicians and sound designers.

Design School Submissions

The Winner-

Anyone who suggests Paola Antonelli should be banned from Core. :laughing:

I didn’t read that long rambling advertisement for something or other, but here who I would like to see speak:

John Hoke, VP of Design at Nike
Jay Mays, VP of Design at Ford
Richard Seymour and Dick Powel, founders of SeymourPowel
Giorgetto Giugiaro, founder of Ital Design
Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer at Kia
Scott Wilson, founder of MNML
Karim Rashid (he is a great speaker)
Marc Newson
Naoto Fukasawa
Jasper Morrison
Phil Russo, VP of Design at Cole Haan
Chris Bangle
Jerry Hirshberg
Ralph Gilles, CEO of SRT
Jonathan Ward, founder of Icon 4x4
Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog
John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, founders of Blu Dot
Daniel Libeskind.
Santiago Calatrava
Robert Bruner, founder of Ammunition
Tom Ford
Bruno Belamich, designer and co-founder of Bell & Ross

Good ones!.. I’d like to see almost all those speakers, especially Scott Wilson

Here’s a couple more:
Johnathan Ive
Scott Henderson
Syd Mead (at the IDSA this year! )
Elon Musk
Marty Newmeier
Ray Kurzweil, Futurist
Stephano Marzano, former head design Philips Electronics
Wally Olins
Seth Godin

Since you said "dream’ lecturer…
Raymond Lowey
Richard Dryfuss
Charles and Ray Eames
Marco Zanuso
Leonardo Da Vinci
Steve Jobs

and hey, I’d probably go see Yo, Richard, IP, and some of the other guys on here too

Saw these guys speak at the Walker a few years ago. Very inspiring, in a “make it happen any way you can” sort of way. This was just before their Flatpack House launched, so they had some stories to share about the pre-fab house industry. Cool, down to earth and approachable. Seem like the kind of guys who if you saw them at a bar in town, you could sit down and talk shop with them for a few hours.

Had a bunch of notes I scribbled down at that lecture, but lost them in a move…

Love to hear them again.

I heard one of them speak about 5 years ago and he was great as well. They make it happen. A lot of stories of dirty cardboard prototypes, business mistakes, and backpacking through India. I prefer to listen to speakers who:

  1. are legit, they get dirty and do the work, and they show that work.
  2. are down to Earth, no buzz words borrowed from psych or anthropology text books (they apply those theories yes, but check the jargon at the door)
  3. don’t pontificate

Most of the product designers I’d like to hear speak have already been mentioned, but I’ll add:

Alain de Botton:
His Architecture stuff is good, but I really liked “The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work”. He just gave a talk at the Cannes advertising awards which I’d love to see:

Ben Goldacre:

Hans Rosling:
One of my favourite videos ever:
(in fact all these guys have TED talks)

Graham Linehan (writer of ‘Father Ted’ and ‘IT Crowd’, has a great twitter feed):

Bill Bryson
Charlie Brooker
Spike Milligan (if he was still alive)

I liked Richard “Dryfuss” in “Close Encounters”, but his closest connection to design were probably the “Think Different” voiceovers he did for the Apple commercials. :wink:

Very nice picks!! I would love to talk to Luigi Colani as well.

I preferred Jerry Hirshberg lecturer and i really enjoy at that time :smiley:

lecturer jobs in pakistan

I just became aware of Kenya Hara. If you’re worried that design should help people better experience our shared reality as opposed to immunizing them from it, then look him up.

maybe not just a lecture but also a demo from these guys:

Daniel Simon
Scott Roberston
Ralph McQuarrie
Doug Chiang

I too like Scott Roberston .