Who wins the SuperBowl

Who wins the Super Bowl?

  • New Orleans Saints
  • Indianapolis Colts

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Go Saints!

I say Saints, and I like Drew Brees. And I only say that because my Vikings lost the game themselves. But, as a Vikes fan, I’m used to disappointment.

Nurb, who is going to run your offense next year when you are without a quarterback again? Or I guess who do you want?

Funny thing, I heard on the radio this morning that Favre and Adrian Peterson were retiring and opening a bakery…specializing in turnovers.

Heavy rumors favor McNabb (Childress and QB Coach connection there). But I doubt that will happen. We’d have to give up at least our first round pick for him to get it. Hopefully we unload Tarvaris Jackson on someone, he’s not worth anything really. But, I’m sure that’s who’s going to be running the show next year. Here’s to another 8-8 season! Then they’ll move the team to LA because the state of Minnesota doesn’t want to spend the money on a stadium, and neither does the owner of the team. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2011 Minnesota Vikings of Los Angeles!

definitely want to see the saints win… they looked pretty impressive all season (despite last few meaningless games) and i think their defense might step up for the big one, they can definitely hang with the colts and put some points up on them if they make mistakes… unlike the jets.

The Steelers!

Oh wait. :frowning:

The Saints squad is going to need heavy shots of cortizone this week. The team is has injuries across the board, and on top of that you have Drew Brees throwing the wobbly pass at the end of the Vikings game in critical OT. All season long I have had a strong feeling that the Saints are going to win their next game every week. Not so sure this time, but they are my guys to root for though. I hope that they can hold it together; also they don’t have that strong homefield advantage that they had last game. I had the general feeling though watching NFL last weekend that either of those teams (Saints or Vikings) could mow down the Colts. Too bad the Jets didn’t make it. They are going to have an amazing future.

Who wins the Super Bowl ? ! ?

The Columbia Broadcasting System



So I take it most of you don’t really care? Are sports totally unrelated to a designer’s interests?

As soon as the Vikes went out my interest level went way down. If the Vikings move I would be so upset. Not another team to LA.

Colts - 27
Saints - 24

The majority of designers I know are very much involved in watching and playing sports. Now that the Vikes are out I am anxiously awaiting opening day for the Twins. Outdoor baseball! I would really love to take some clients to some games.

Colts win this one. they are better rested.
putting rest aside. the Colts have an offense that is every bit, if not more, electric than the Saints. they also have the superior defense. The Saints would not have even made the Superbowl if not for Adrian “Butterfingers” Peterson or Brett “throw across my body into double coverage when i could have easily run the ball 10 yards to set up an easy game winning field goal” Farve. (long nickname, i know)

This should be an epic Superbowl though i cant think of 2 teams id rather see squaring off, other than my Steelers of course.

Colts > - 27
Saints - 24

In the last three minutes.

You mean of OT? Lol. OT should not be allowed in the Superbowl or really in NFL in general. Honestly, I love the Saints but I feel as though their victory against the Vikings was decided by luck of the coin toss, and lots of annoying booth reviews (as games usually are in OT).

The NFL needs to switch to NCAA OT rules, and that’s that. Start at your own 30 and make the opponent stop you. That’s the game. Not kick-return, chip away to a 50 yard field goal. Lame. Am I bitter?

I’m a sports fan, although being a soon-to-graduate ID major and new parent has turned me into a pretty casual fan. I don’t have a dog in this fight - I like both teams, so I don’t really care. As long as the game’s exciting. I still remember the '99 one where McNair was one point away from an amazing win. I still don’t know how he shrugged off that lineman.

I’m bitter and my team won. Lol. Just wanted to see a good game.