who wants to design robots?

think robots are tasty?

well, maybe not for eatin’ but definitely for designin’.

as a consumer product, their future looks promising. but like most products, there should first be an understanding of how the form can affect the user. here, some insight regarding robot design and their interaction with humans:

“Why are monster-movie zombies so horrifying
and talking animals so fascinating?”


i think robots are not dveloped to the point where you can think of them as true performers. but it’s only the beginning. nanotech will revolutionize robotics. it’s just the cost. people can’t afford a robotic object made with nanotech’s rare production and expensive material.

Hey Jerry,

I found this annual competition that you may be interested in. “artificial intelligence in the arts” and “new human-machine interactions”


thanks a-g!

actually, i have some stuff that i could enter. it’s just a matter of converting it to some usable format. perhaps you may have some insight…

there’s this video game that i play on my ps2 called “driver”. of all the driving / racing games i’ve played, the physics for this particular game are really impressive.

the premise of the game is essentially a cop and robber deal where the computer chases you around. so the a.i. for the game is more interactive than say a racing game where all the players share the same goal.

with “driver” its more like run away from computer and watch it chase it you.
and in survival mode, the computer becomes agents, in cars, like in the matrix and the player just has a normal car. the goal is to live as long as possible. its almost like being in a bad dream where you try to run away from something but you’re running in slow motion…but that’s the part that i love about it. it becomes a great creative exercise in seeing how long i can live in a virtually hostile environment…as if i were a virus and the ps2 was an anti-virus.

i can “see” how the machine thinks with the help of a film director feature that is a part of the game which allows me to edit replays as if it were a movie. i can’t splice scenes from two different replays so i’m just limited to changing cameras (i.e. in car, tripod, chase camera) and can even get shots from the computer itself as its chasing me. it’s really cool stuff, i wish more games had a replay and film director feature . what i’ve come to realize too is that, in a world where the machine has absolute control, it can know, before i do, when i will die. there will come a point where my survival in a game becomes mathematically impossible and the computer will know it before me. even though there are many variables and unknowns like which way i will turn, how long i apply the accelerator, and braking times, the machine will be able to know and calculate where i will hit a wall or some other random object before i do. and then it can take advantage of the situation and ultimately win the game.

have you ever played chess against a computer and then to have it tell you that checkmate was in 5 moves? i hate that but what i love is that with “driver” i can see the events in a replay and watch how the machine interacts with me to inevitably win the match. plus, it makes a really great chase scene right out of a movie.

so, what i’ve done is record some of this game play documenting my interaction with my ps2 onto a vhs tape. now i just need to convert it to an mpeg or avi. any input? i’m not very knowledgable with manipulating that media and associated hardware. guess i’ll look up some local media talent houses or something.