Who to Follow on Twitter

Thought I’d start a thread suggesting cool people on twitter to follow.

My favorite right now is @Cmdr_Hadfield or Chris Hadfield, a Canadien astronaut currently on the International Space Station. He takes pictures of Earth’s surface, answers questions people tweet to him, talks about everyday life as an astronaut and did I mention that he’s in FREAKING SPACE.

Neil deGrass Tyson, @neiltyson, another space themed person to follow.

This guys is brilliant and has the rare ability to communicate his ideas in a way that the laymen can understand.

Also Jan Chipchase, @janchip. Recently, he and his frog team have had a series of terrific articles on researching in high risk areas.

He has a very smart and active twitter feed that is my go-to for inspiration.

His instagram is also full of beautiful photos of his travels. http://instagram.com/janchip/