who should host a portfolio web page?

I am working on getting a web site up and running for my portfolio and resume, ect. I found a whole bunch of companies willing to give me the domain I want in all different price ranges. I was wondering if there was any particular one that serviced to websites like the one I’d like to create (pics of my work, ect). For example, it seems like go-daddy is the least expensive, but I’m not sure if the services they offer would make it the best (and easiest) choice.
I’d like something that makes it as easy as possible to create a portfolio web page for an extremely novice web designer. Something that offers user friendly web design (templates) as well as the ability to have my name before the .com! Any suggestions?
ps. sorry for the cross post, but I realized that this question is more “general” than “portfolio” related!!

This has been answered before, and I’ll give you the same answer. I use Godaddy and haven’t had any problems. The interface can be a bit overwhelming.

If you want something that is easy to setup yet gives you complete control, Wordpress. The new version 3.0 ups the ante and makes WP a true CMS, not just a blogging platform. Tons of templates. Hundreds of plugins. Tutorials and support are everywhere and easy to find.

I can second what benny said.

Godaddy is good and very cheap, i recently hosted a website and I knew nothing about hosting or anything like that.

I do see tutorials about wordpress everywhere and some amazing sites are made with it so that would be a good option too.

good luck !

I recommend hostmonster. It’s recognized as number one in a lot of places. Do a little googling. Usually the tops are hostmonster, bluehost, hostgator (or somehting like that) dreamhost. godaddy’s somewhere in there, i never really liked them.