Who sells veneers?

I’m trying to track down a place that sells a good variety of wood veneers or wacky wood. Does anyone know of any good websites that sell these products on an individual basis?

I have used certainlywood.com before. Their regular priced stuff is pretty expensive, but the sale section has some steals. You have to buy at least 50 sq ft, which isnt all that much. Plus they are very nice people, and all the veneer I have gotten from them has been excellent quality.

Now i just need to find a reason to buy some of that old Rosewood they have from the fires…

How much veneer do you need? Its not too difficult to find small quantities/small sheets online or off, but larger sheets could be more difficult…

Online: wood-veneers.com has a wide selection and most are available per piece

Offline: go to your closest Woodcraft or similar specialty woodworking shop

Thanks guys. I’ll check those out.



They have all kinds of wood types and sizes, pretty competitive in pricing

Have used the Rockler here in Cambridge and they have pretty much anything you could hope for!


I’ll second Constantine’s. My grandfather bought from them back in the 20-30’s !

Constantines http://www.constantines.com/

A bit pricey but a good selection of standard to exotics. www.whittelseywood.com