Who manufactures this chair?

I see it everywhere…

IKEA, maybe?

thanks i checked their site just now and you’re right. i should have looked there first.

I love IKEA. As a starving student, I got an entire range of ‘designer’ furniture there for like $500.

camzaman - me too… i’ve heard plenty of designers pooh-pooh Ikea and blow it off as mass-produced cheapness… but that’s exactly what it is… I doubt their lower-end stuff has much longevity in terms of quality, but the selling point is exactly as you say – easy to assemble/DIY, flat-pack, euro-style design at very affordable prices. Blu Dot didn’t innovate flat-pack stuff, they just jumped on the bandwagon with more upmarket stuff… I respect them both very much. I believe Charles Eames was even incorporating flat pack designs (albeit not very successfully) in some of his office furniture way back when.

I think quite a lot of companies manufacture this design, though I don’t know who the original designs belong to and who are the knock offs…

The one that was posted is IKEA, I feel like it is an IKEA exclusive. West Elm rippes off design left and right, then they charge almost the same amount! Another is Modernca, I don’t know if they pay rights for anything, but they make the best fakes.