Who makes s/s clamps, screws, turnbuckles (international)?

I’m designing a desk and I need things like turnbuckles, clamps, flanges, screws - basically all those detailed binding components. I’m hoping there’s some cool international company that producers some high quality gear, like a “Shimano” or something.

I’m thinking I will have to get some of the parts of the desk specially made but I’d prefer not to because part of the design brief I set myself was that the desk could be easily made from common items, but still look good :slight_smile:.

Can anyone help me?

Howdy btw, first post. Nice forum. Only design forum I’ve found so far.

Oops, didn’t login. It be me above. :blush:

checkout these guys…(German)


they are one of the best i have come across for high-end furnishing parts and fixtures, nuts, bolts etc… if you register on the website with your ‘company’, they should send you one of their catalogues. it’s an esxtensive catalogue that often includes detailed elevation drawings of the parts…

good luck

yep yep…HAFELE Furniture, Hardware and Fittings is the best company that you can get!!