Who knows a professional CAD-Software for Mac ?

Can anyone share his experience by working with Rhinoceros on Mac with Virtual PC?
It is possible to use for professionals?

Is there any alternative to Rhinoceros with Mac ?

Searching for a professional Surface/ or Solidmodeller with high accurancy for Mac - not only files for high-end renderings but also for CAM or Rapid Prototyping…

need help


Rhino works pretty well with the virtual pc. Not sure with the new OSX’s though, I’m still using OS9. I met somebody on an interview that uses Cobalt, they love it. Ease of Rhino, parametrics of Solidworks. Very intuitive to use. But all of these new Vellum programs are a little glitchy.

I’m not saying I agree to this, but someone who uses both platforms told me Rhino on a good mac, tons of memory w/ virtual pc actually runs better than on a dedicated pc. Just reporting what I heard, I’ve never used it on a pc, don’t have anything to compare it to.

Let me allow to ask you furhermore - which version of Virtual PC do you use actually with OS 9 when working with Rhinoceros?

And generally would you prefer Cobalt or Rhinoceros apart from the question of paltform?

thank you very much for your support…

I’ve been using Cobalt for years and I like it quite a bit. It’s not perfect but it does a goos job of combining surfaces and solids and it is at a very professional level. I design parts and the molds for the parts in Cobalt.

With so much talk about how designers have to use Rhino and SolidWorks I don’t understand why Cobalt is not more popular.

I’ve tried Rhino and I found it clunky compared to Cobalt. I haven’t invested that much time in it though. I don’t think you can shell a part in it even.

I’ve recently switched to Concepts Unlimited. CU is the same as cobalt. The original developer of Cobalt licensed the software to Ashlar. I’m not sure about the separation details but a separation occured. Cobalt has been stuck on v6.2 for a couple of years and it’s unclear if it’s going to die or be reborn.

I would avoid a purchase of Cobalt now.

One of the main resons I switched to CU is the discussion forum. You can discuss issue and get very rapid feedback from users. Also you get direct feedback from the developer.

For the price it is a great system. Not perfect but really great.
A full working demo version can be downloaded.

Works on Mac and PC