who is your favourite designer?

who is your favourite designer? why?

Sam Hecht…

because of his heavy contextual element to his products. In a way I think Hecht demonstrates to non-designers what design is, almost as if he is constantly rationalising and validating the need for design.

you can’t really beat nature. Apart from that I guess the other 99% of designers who bust a gut and aren’t in the group of superdesigners…your newson’s, starck’s…etc

because of his heavy contextual element to his products. In a way I think Hecht demonstrates to non-designers what design is, almost as if he is constantly rationalising and validating the need for design.

totally agree with that

Well, the best designer ever is called GOD, have you ever heard about him?
There is a guy called Jaime Hayón who is pretty good. I really like his style.
Marcel Wanders is very good too.
The Campana Brothers are very original too.
Stark is not that good anymore…

Why me of course!

So who was GOD’s client then? I wonder what the brief was?

“ok we’re up against it, the competition is getting pretty good. I want something with blue and green in it, everyone else has gone red, orange and brown…which is sooo last year. And big, yes, I want it really big!..ooh and can you do it all in week?”

Shame Rome took so long, the rest of the world was kinda… slap-dash.

Hehehe…no comments man! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Campana brothers are good, they’re all over this book i just got: 1000 new designs and where to find them (everything from furniture to vacuums and ipods, really good for the library). Always a fan of Verner Panton, and Satiago Calatrava.

yes hi I’m new to this place, it sounded like a good topic though so thought I might as well chime in =).

Dieter Rams… I love the consistency of his work. I think that has to be one of the major elements of any truely great designer, when their philosophy of design seems continuous and consistent.

I love Dieter Rams, but my Measuring stick goes the other way… I love a designers that put the project first so they can design anything… Of the current “Super Stars” I would go with Newson. His ability to collaborate allows his aesthetic to fit into anything from cars and planes to dish racks and door stops. My favorites still alive would probably be Seymour Powell and Giugiaro… retro, I’d have to go Loewy… Steam Trains to cigarette packs.

Rams is slightly different though as he was in-house unlike Seymour Powell, so in a way Rams was not only creating his own philosophy but creating a visual identity driven through product design.

I definitely appreciate Seymour Powell… I wonder how their merger with Loewy will work out. Newson I’m not so sure about though, but I’m never really overly impressed or keen with as you say (rightly) ‘Superstar’ designers, I have a strange dislike to them that I can’t really explain.

There are a lot but just to name a few

I always been a big fan of Dieter Rams for the coherence between his different work and his design philosophy.

I also really appreciate Richard Sappers hability to merge the qualities of german design an italian design troughout his carreer.

For the glamour stuff, Ron Arad really comes up with forms and concept that surprise me.

Seymour Powell

Raymond Loewy for too much reasons

Great point. His influence really became that brand. When I see the newer, wiz bangy Braun stuff, it just feels wrong to me. How much more successful can a designer be… I retract my previous statement. :wink:

Too true, I felt obligated to mention one of those guys. If I could repick with a borderline “superstar”, I would go with Jasper Morrison. He is a little Dieter Ramsy in his form language, but I appreciate what he is doing from coffee makers to furniture. I like that he is not flashy. There was a great interview with him in Time Magazine over the summer where he said he just wants to create “normal things” which I liked.

Some of the Sapper stuff from IBM is pretty remarkable. I love when I am in a store and one of his registers, with those crazy echer-esque forms just catches the corner of my eye.

Morrisson is always a good call. I do understand what you mean by Newson though. There is an odd similarity between Newson and Fukasawa somehow.

As for Sapper, sweet. I love the Brionvega work he did with Zanuso. I can only wish to be able to afford it however. Santa?

I thought this guy was good then I bought one of his designed products…the lacie little disk.

yes its tiny, and shiny…but the cap is a bit of a struggle to get off and its all ready scratching up the surface.

this guy’s doing some cool things, I like the open design philosophy



Who isn’t!? They get open access to some of the worlds best companies!