Who is the quotable Robin Mathew?

The quote “Design is where science and art break even” is attributed to one Robin Mathew on many design quotation websites, and pasted into many blogs.

However I can find no information about Robin Mathew. My best leads are that she might be a graphic designer from California, or he might be a design entrepreneur from India . But, while these people may indeed exist, I am not convinced that either of them is the originator of the quote.

Does anyone have more information about the person who said this?
Please will you point me at the source of your information?


Hi Moskva5, welcome to Core.

I thought we might have heard from someone by now. If you google Robin Mathew you certain do get a lot of hits, but curiously no specific information on Mr/s. Mathew’s quote. And you also find a lot of people freely using the quote in/on their business websites, lectures, etc.

It is odd - People who get quoted are generally eminent figures with a significant resume and media footprint - but here there is nothing. And yet we have nonetheless stuck it up on the wall in our office! I suppose they may not be a designer at all but just somebody who came out with a pithy reply to "“What is design?”.

I was wondering the same thing, and ran across your thread. I did find this: Art 358 University of Arizona - the comments include a post from an account that seems to nod and tie to the Design Entrepreneur in India. Amazing to have so much information about individual identity and there is still mystery.

Here goes the story of the so-called quote…

Pithy, as it may seem, but as a design graduate, I had studied few definitions of design. So I decided to conclude the final project with a summary of my understanding of design. Wherein I had stated my understanding, as “Design is where science and art break even”. (Though there was a longer write-up to support the quote, which explained the use of words in detail).
Later for some purpose I had posted some of my work online along with the quote, few years later when a friend saw this online and checked with me, is where it came to me as the biggest surprise. I was more than humbled to see the quote figure in the list of most inspiring quotes on design, as with all probable sincerity, I had zero intentions of writing a “quotable - quote”.

Even now, I absolutely second the thought that People who get quoted are generally eminent figures with a significant resume and media footprint.
But I guess in this case, people related to the content, rather than the individual who wrote it. As for me I am happy that people relate to the quote.

“Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best.”
– Henry Van Dyke

Best regards
Robin Mathew.
Design Entrepreneur from India.