Who is responsible for this?

I want to know who did this!

it works very well, I tried to think of critical things to say for like 10 minutes to no avail.

Seriously though, my first guesses were bressler and metaphase.

What is it? A grip for nail clippers? Looks like the “aiming” precision is compromised. Don’t see any great benefit in having that thing, what’s so great about it? More info, view angles, and larger images would be useful.

And obviously I can’t answer you question.

I don’t like metal nail clippers because they are always folding up on me or slipping out of my hand. I mean, I manage to cut my nails, but the experience could be improved.

I bought a pair that has a type of handle that is slide on, perhaps similar to this. The handle is even more slippery than my hand though, so the clipper slips even more in the handle. I tossed the handle out and do it the old sk00l way now.

I’d like to know if this pair really solve the problem.

I feel like you are a bit over active here. I don’t have time to go digging around for different view angles and larger higher resolution images. Maybe I can remodel it up in Rhino for you too. Pull yourself together.

My gf picked it up for our son, its a children’s fingernail clipper, from “Safety First.” I just wanted to know if Safety 1st had come up with it themselves, or if someone had done it for them.

As far as working well, I thought it fit very nicely in my hands, and apparently its much easier to clip the squirmy toddler’s nails. The back end has a little slot for emery boards to slide in. The clippers were permanently built into the handle. I didn’t try using it on my own nails, but I don’t think that really what its for.

I think this is a neat product, but I’ll offer some criticism:

By adding an ergonomic form around an adult clipper, they’re only going half-way. The width and curvature of the clipper are clearly designed for adult-sized nails.

There’s another design out there that includes a magnifying glass too–a nice feature.

true CG, I think they are a little smaller yet than my regular adult clippers (maybe just the smallest adult clippers they could source), but still…

my problem is that the big ergo add on combined with the existing clippers makes it easy for me to rotate the lever sideways (as when you fold them up) when I press them to clip. I guess basically by adding the bulk, they almost seem less precise for me, if the lever was really tight on there or was not able to spin it would probably be dfferent.
This has lead to bleeding on one occasion which pretty much ended my little person nail clipping career early.
“no no…no daddy, no cut”
As much as I wanted to like them, that reaction would prompt me to not feel so
great about any product, my wife still digs them though and she’s the sole lp nail cutter now.

Both good points, Ill have to check out the magnifying glass one, my sister clipper her daughters fingertip once, just dead skin, but still a little unnerving I’m sure.

Target has a “American Red Cross” branded set that as I remember addresses the mini sized clipper width and curvature, but that seems to slide around in the hand a bit more.

I would be willing to bet that the idea to use adult sized clippers had to do with stock parts, a shame on an otherwise great design, but they probably had a fairly strict price point as they are sold at sears and k mart.

Has anyone else noticed k-mart sneaking around with a few well designed products lately? Their stores sure need to change though.

I’ve never liked that style clipper anyway–my nails are pretty thick and they always painfully bend my nails flat as the blades clamp together. I use the scissor-style cutters instead.

real men use there dremmel with a sanding disk…REAL MEN use their bench grinder…

I feel like you are a bit over active here. I don’t have time to go digging around for different view angles and larger higher resolution images. Maybe I can remodel it up in Rhino for you too. Pull yourself together

Huh? Lighten up. I was just asking for more info than was offered. Your sentence after the quoted is sufficient. Not having seen/used one of those, a sideview isn’t exactly obvious, and I was just being curious. Cheers.

I thought Rock…

But I prefer a file…

First Years makes one for infants with a fold out magnify glass. Its kind of interesting. I think HLB designed it…not sure though.

Yeah, but can you get it past TSA?

“I’m chewing on glass and eating my fingers.” --Ministry, Stigmata

i upgraded to a motorize rock and a high speed rotary file :wink:

I have in the past used a mill bastard and also small precision metal files regularly. You have to be seriously careful with the mill bastard because it takes a lot off in a short about of time.

If that isn’t hard core enough, take some time and rent syrianna, watch the scene with george clooney, and then get back to me. You’ll know the one.

oh i know the film and was only semi joking about the dremmel and the sanding disk, works really well and as your skin is pliant you get a nice smooth coformal edge.

To answer Carton’s original question, pehaps EVO design - they list Dorel Juvenile Group (Safety 1st) as a client.
To heard what people think of the product, click here: http://br.video.yahoo.com/watch/604266/2917064

LOL I’ve been trying to get something clever and insightful I said up on that board for weeks now and this is the thread that gets put up there! I should be embarrassed.

I think this is something you definitely have to hold in your hands and use to make a good judgment. If it is Evo, I have always liked the olive spear for crate and barrel too.

There are a lot of talented people at Safety 1st so it certainly could have been done internally but I think that the design that was pictured may have been designed by Spark Design in Connecticut.