Who here is going to get iphone?

I would, but it is so expensive. Frankly, even though it’s got some nice features, it’s just not worth the cost. On the other hand, price range on new phones seem to be ever increasing.

Eventually, yes, but right now the issue is my corporate email and calendar via CrackBerry. I’m not going to be one of those nerds that wears a utility belt with 3-4 devices…

And what’s up with the 8Gb limit? It’s pointless to randomly fill 8Gb (like with the small iPod shuffle), but it’s also effortfull to manage 8Gb. Give me a better reason to ditch my 60Gb iPod.

Yeah, it’s kind of odd that they’re able to make the ipod video slim enough for 30gb, but can’t incorporate that into the iphone. I wonder if Apple is holding it out until the next iphone model.

On second read…Just one puts you in nerd territory.
I try to refrain, I swear.

It is not available in Uk yet, but somehow when something is so ridiculously mega hyped, i feel an opposing force to my natural buying instinct.
So, no, I’m not gonna buy it.

At least not yet.

I’m not for all of those reasons: I think the iPhone will quickly evolve

No corporate email puts it out in the cold right off the bat
Needs at least 30 gigs
Would be great if it had a 3 megapixl camera

Do all that at $400 and at the same size and weight, and I’m in… give it a couple of years

No corporate email puts it out in the cold right off the bat

It would be very hard for Apple to market in that area. Blackberry already have dominated in the world of corporate businesses as far as emails. It’s a stiff competition for Apple.

I have not for one second thought that iPhone is a Corporate phone. It is a phone for people.

I see it this way…just like iPod, Apple sees a completely f**ked up, stoic, staid, technology/Product Marketing managed industry with zero guidance. An industry full of mediocre crap that is riding happily along in a handbasket.

It is another industry that needs a TREMENDOUS facelift. Users have been using garbage product for so long they don’t know what quality, easy to use product is. Everyphone is treated like a PC, just cram more garbage into it and people will find what they want/need and use it. It doesn’t matter that 80% of the people use 20% of the featrues, for some reason.

I haven’t touched an iPhone. But if it is 1/2 of what the hype is, (and so far the verdict seems to be that it is) it is going to shake shit up.

So, iPhone is PRICED like a corporate phone. Can you remember what people were saying about the price of the iPod when it first came out? My recollection was that it was somewhere around double, maybe 50% more than anything else in the market.

I took the plunge and bought the iphone. I guess I’m trying to rationalize the high price. I needed a new phone, I needed to switch networks, and I needed tp replace a broken ipod. All in all I’m happy with the way the iphone works and it’s already organized in my Personal database.


Hopefully I can get my boss to help pay for it.

i do not want to drink the kool-aid steve jobs is serving.

So you don’t buy his claim that they’re 5 years ahead of anyone else?

5 years? I just figuered their innovations are mostly guts and balls.

Have you seen these things elsewhere?

Multi-touch touchscreen
Accelerometer that automatically rotates content
Visual Voicemail
3D GUI with effects
Full web browser
iTunes integration
Less than 1/2" thick

They put a lot of custom silicon into this phone to pull it off. That’s not easy, cheap, or fast to do. I think he’s right about the 5 years thing.

It’s like they looked at every designer mulit-function device concept for the past 20 years and said, “somebody should actually make one of these”, I agree a lot went into this, otherwise it seems like everyone would be making them…

While there have been Phone/PDA/MP3 player/camera combos on the market, none of them will do it as well or be as easy to use as this thing. Like going from a Rio to an iPod… it still needs to get corporate email though.

complete footnote, but interesting post on c77 frontpage today:


I took the plunge as well, and haven’t looked back. The only hiccup was porting my number over from T-Mobs. But now that’s in the past, and it is pure pleasure.

As an designer/entreprenuer, it is the ultimate tool - I can load my many POP email accounts (which was done automatically in iTunes, I didn’t have to configure a thing), check the web to manage my basecamp account, store some movies for cross country flights, carry more than enough of my music library with me. The simplicity of making a phone call and managing contacts and checking voicemail (and recording your voicemail for pete’s sake) is unlike any other phone I’ve experienced. It’s not complicated, and it just works. You start to wonder why it took this long.

The UI/hardware/screen res is also very impressive. The transistions are smooth and well thought out. Zooming in and out of web pages/photos is so incredibly easy and pleasureful. Getting from writing an email to youtube to making a call to pulling up a web page to sending a text message is a breeze - I knew the razr’s interface was subpar, but c’mon…this makes my previous phone look esoteric.

I do design work for a corporation and have an email with them that uses their Microsoft Exchange server. I still have to get their IT guy to sort it out on my phone, but for now I can access my email through Safari and their web based VPN, so it’s not an issue.

The phone DOES support Exchange - the IT department simply has to turn on IMAP support.

There are a few things that have come up in Apple’s iPhone forums that annoy me too: such as lack of MMS, inability to save a photo from the email on your phone directly on to your phone, no copy/paste functionality, and the non-push corporate email. There is a workaround to many of these things - at least until they issue the first software update. They are minutia in comparison to all the things the phone does right.

After 2 days of use, IMO, the iPhone at it’s worst is still heads and tails above most other phones at their best.

A final thought:
Don’t make a conclusion about the phone from someone else’s opinion, including mine, until you try it for yourself.

I will, hell not having to use my reading glasses to dial etc is worth the price. I doubt i will use 1/3 of the features but thats ok.

zippy 30 years in harness

oh, i believe all the functions are great, but the AT&T partnership is a fiasco in the making.

still, despite these features, i don’t need it and i don’t need mr. jobs, his company, nor the rabid apple kool-aid kidz telling me otherwise. add more technology and features to a utilitarian device isn’t the solution to everyone’s life.


have you used one yet?

yep. not impressed.